Have employees take turns acting out the suggested scenarios while a fellow co-worker attempts to address the situation. These types of activities provide the following research-based benefits: (Shaw, 3-5). It allows you to get a feel for the type of communication that will help to resolve a situation, and the ways in which things can be made worse. They tend to increase student motivation and interest, as evidenced by increased rates of attendance, completion of assigned readings, and time spent on course work outside of class time. Students come to see the instructor in a more positive light. (Diaz 6-81). Crazy Relations. “Be ambiguous enough to force them to provide additional factors that influence their approach” (Norton, 6). John is European American who has been at the company for over ten years. Separate departments into small groups and present them with problems typically handled by other positions or departments. Inter-department role-playing offers the opportunity to get fresh eyes and find new solutions to problems. As an alternative, consider asking groups to write skits based on what they think other departments do, then enjoy guessing which task and department each group is depicting. Say there is no single correct way to play a character. 5 Common Work Conflict Scenarios for Talent Management Leaders. The learning activity should have a clear, specific skills and/or knowledge development purpose that is evident to both instructor and students. Mike is a new employee. Also, too many storyline changes create unnecessary complexity that makes it unnecessarily difficult to deal with. 5 Performance Management Scenarios ... • Coaching and mentoring tips to help motivate employees • Conflict resolution tactics for when tempers interfere with team performance • How to terminate employees fairly and legally when all else fails. For example, two people might simulate a meeting between an employee and an angry customer. They also have three phases, as indicated below:Briefing phase: This stage provides the warm-up, explanations, and asks participants for input on role play scenario. Review the key events of the role play and consider what people would do differently and why. Diaz, L., Reunanen, M., & Salimi, A. All players should describe how they felt and receive feedback from students and the instructor. Role plays can be short like scenarios or longer and more complex, like case studies, but without a lot of the documentation. Performance Management role-play - Employee’s brief - John You’re happy in your job, you feel fortunate to do something you enjoy and feel that you’re good at. She's written scripts for film/television productions and worked as the senior writer at a video game company. Ten scenarios allow students to practice addressing employee issues ranging from suspected employee theft to personal hygiene. Role-playing on-the-job scenarios help to train and to assess an employee’s ability to cope with both typical and difficult clients. Are there other solutions? Provide some structure and direction but not too much, since self-directed learning is the goal. You get good feedback from most people. Use in class exercises, seminars, as a content presentation method, exam (e.g., tell students the exam will have four case studies and they have to choose two—this encourages deep studying). Miguel also thinks as a new employee that he will not be given as much leeway as John if he breaks the rules. Simplified, well-structured scenarios or problems are most appropriate for beginners. Products. Play out this fantasy on a desk at home if you have one, or sneak into the office for a little rendezvous. There are benefits for instructors as well, such as keeping things fresh and interesting in courses they teach repeatedly; providing good feedback on what students are getting and not getting; and helping in standing and promotion in institutions that value teaching and learning. After role assignments, let participants chat a bit about the scenarios and their roles and ask questions. These are low-fidelity, lacking a lot of the detail that must be struggled with in actual practice. Skits help employees understand and appreciate the responsibilities shouldered by their co-workers, along with identifying any work that’s falling through the cracks. Scenarios can also be more elaborate, with decision points and further scenario elaboration (multiple storylines), depending on responses. Perhaps for the first role play you can play a minor role to give you and “in” to exert some control if needed. This can result in deep learning and the appreciation of differing perspectives. When each department has finished role-playing encourage departments to mingle and discuss how the suggested scenarios were actually resolved.

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