For many years I had no knowlege of the muslim religion. Religion is a key concept and helps broaden people’s knowledge about the world around us. The teaching of different religious backgrounds and beliefs should be present in both public and private schools to prevent not only hate crimes, but other common problems we see today. It is very important to educated students on the matter, but it must be done in the correct way, like you stated with the two clauses. So I would like to see if before educating kids about religion it would be better to start from their parents and see if they were to approve something like this. I feel that teaching religion in schools can enable students to have an open mind to others beliefs. I agree that religion needs to be taught more in school. Leaving some people behind, and of course it would lead to some people feeling discriminated. We tried to incorporate it a couple of times, but it failed because the principal was worried about it. There are so many different types of religions, which is why it is necessary for us to have an understanding and idea of the other religions that people are apart of and value. I’ve seen countless stories headlining the news with violence relating to different religious viewpoints, would knowledge about the different religious viewpoints prevent all of this? Do not know if that would cover all of them. They can be allies for education, as Protestantism became a driving force for the education of its followers in the 17th century. Education currently strays away from religion because they don't want to cross the line of being biased and cause issues for the students or their parents. We are continually being surrounded by diverse people with different religions, but yet we know little about it. Students have the right to believe in what they’d like to believe, and say what they want to say. Yet, just as our country is built on a broad diversity of nationalities which we celebrate, we are restricted within our education system from teaching about our religious diversity. With winter here, respiratory infections will surge and so will the virus spread, doctors warn, Road to Everest: Tourists can breakfast in Kathmandu and drive to Khumbu for dinner, Development projects may not pick up pace this fiscal year, contractors fear, Cornered, Oli woos the opposition. The April 21 edition of the BBC Media Action produced and Kantipur Media telecast programme Sajha Sawal (Common Questions) went to Kapilvastu district’s Krishnanagar, near the border between India and Nepal, to organise a dialogue between the local people (mostly Muslim men and women) and three interlocutors. Among them were two politicians—Ghanshyam Bhusal, the Nepal Communist Party’s thinker and member of Parliament, and Abhishek Pratap Sah, the local Congress member of Parliament—and Mohna Ansari, commissioner of the National Human Rights Commission of Nepal. This consensus is grounded in court rulings, the Williamsburg Charter, and a number of documents that have been endorsed by a wide range of national religious and educational organizations (including the National Council of C… View all Teaching & Learning Practices blogs. Today, our student bodies are much more diverse. But I still believe that religion should be involved within schools. There is an underlying notion inside the liberal education establishment that religious belief is backwards and contrary to enlightenment. When asked how long she attended a Madrassa, Ansari said that she had only two years of Madrassa education and that the rest of her education occurred in a government school and college, which were obviously co-ed institutions. Essay on the role of education in society. The only religion related material I was taught in school referred to the renaissance period, which is far from the world today. In one sense, it was shocking to me, but in another sense (since my house stands in the middle of a Muslim village in Morang), I had a sense of déjà vu. Education and religion are often seen to be incompatible. The public education system may not agree with this addition at first and there may be conflict, but down the line I think it would be beneficial to learn about each other’s beliefs. Religions should help individuals achieve spiritual heights; they must not be allowed to impede an individual’s worldly growth. I have been bullied because of my beliefs when I feel that it could have been easily been prevented if students understood other religions. There are many ways to go about this, but in my personal opinion forcing a religion upon someone (in most cases) makes that individual veer away from that spiritual idea and lose interest.

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