I think it was rated hard for all the stream crossings. The trail was in good shape but be careful they are still a lot of fallen leaves covering some small rocks that can be dangerous.. The summit was super cold and windy. Had a hard time finding the high peak survey marker in the Good, solid, steap, rocky trail. That's the one you need to take to loop you back to the parking lot. I went super early in the morning (6 am) on a weekday and had the entire trail and boulder field completely to myself for 4 hours. Beautiful, drove up from ny really loved it!!! Sweeping vistas at summit! Just note the trail map skirts the lower part of the Marble Yard and doesn't do the Barely saw 2-3 people. The post was not well marked, so I followed the blue markings on the trees right onto some guy's private property with caution tapes. -on stream crossings, most markers are visible from the starting point EXCEPT for one where you have to follow the stream downwards (we assume that the original path was either eroded or the stream swallowed it). It is an extremely fun scramble. Well worth the effort. Definitely a challenge but beautiful views. It’s 4 tiers of scrambles. Technical. It's a great hike on the Potomac. Fantastic and exciting rock scrambling can be found in man places. Multiple groups turned around mid hike due to all of the ice. Learn more and join us Incredible. If it sounds hollow—don’t use it. One portion we went off trail and almost left the park in the ravine. After being very careful I made it to the summit, where the winds were a sustained 50 knots and the views were incredible! We have new and upcoming guidebooks for all over the Keystone state. If there’s one near you, try going to a rock climbing gym and practice handholds and footholds as you climb the wall. The way down was probably 3x as difficult (though not as physically challenging), due to the ice. -The paths were pretty rocky with some parts of the paths covered with leaves or pines. Better than expected hike. Yesterday, 11/19/20, my girlfriend and I hiked this loop and did not encounter anyone the entire time. PA Guidebooks. While the view is nice, at the T intersection .2 miles from the end is a .2 mile side trail (left) to a Columar formation (devil piles) that is really cool. But rewarding. There's a fork when riprap turns into the wildcat trail. When I got back to the trail head they were over 60 cars I am guessing many people were hiking behind me. -TURN LEFT WHEN YOU SEE THE WILDCAT MARKER, ignoring this step will cause you to walk 0.9 miles out just for the blue blaze to disappear towards a very well marked PRIVATE PROPERTY boundary. Find the best Rock Climbing near you on Yelp - see all Rock Climbing open now. Find the near-vertical entry into the Rock Rooms on the west side of the summit, and then use ledges to maneuver down the narrow, boulder-clogged chute. I fell more times than I can count, but that may be due to my hiking boots not being appropriate for the ice. Tap the rock around handholds with your knuckles. Dear Rock Scramblers, Come rock scramble with us near the Billy Goat trail, located on the Potomoc River. The falls were nice. Scrambling is the blurred middle line between hiking and climbing, considered by many to be far more enjoyable than either of them. A bridge between hiking and technical mountaineering, alpine scrambling leaves most of the technical climbing tools aside while navigating off-trail to a summit. It's quite steep climb up to skyline drive. One thing to note is: actual distance for entire loop marked is 10.2 miles and not 8.8. Bolder climbers may prefer the class 4 downclimb into the notch to save time. Slight inclines and a couple fallen trees over the path but trail is well marked, although the last half is over the gravel road you drive in on. Billy goat trail is the most famous in the region for rock scrambling. Trail has everything - water falls, creek crossings, views, rocks to scramble. Nice family hike with a view, but heavily trafficked. The trip was very quiet and peaceful allowing both of us to embrace the sounds, or lack thereof at times, of nature. I thought the scramble was awesome, and the table rocks were unbelievable! That said, if you come prepared and take your time, it's worth it in the end! Bring some grip gloves and your hands will thank you. Started off at 6:30am and came back right at 5pm. I hiked up on 11/23. The rock is nice and grippy, and pretty damn solid with good blocky holds everywhere. Amazing vistas all along because mid-November and most leaves down. Wear proper shoes, bring more water than you’d think necessary, plan for it to take longer than you’d anticipate and enjoy! The ruggedness of Mt. First thing first, bring micro spikes!! Cascade is always a good one. The view at the fire beacon was amazing but it was very windy that dropped the temperature to 19°. At the bottom, follow the openings through the various Rock Rooms. Highly recommend! Great views! … Actual trail (out and back) is short - 1 mile to the bottom of the boulder field. So nice. They learn about keeping in balance and … There is a path near this end that looks correct and has old red blaze markings, but it is nothing but an old path that leads to nowhere. Most climbers will usually bring a short rope along on a scrambling route in the mountains because it might be needed for safety. Has everything! But if you look hard enough, you'll find plenty of steep … It was quite the adventure. In today's conditions (very , very icy) I'd say this is a HARD hike if you do not have the proper equipment. Freezing cold at summit but still able to enjoy views and take pics. I just love this hike. (Clockwise) Campground is a cute spot to eat lunch. Pull down on handholds rather than out. Scrambling routes make use of hand and footholds but do not necessitate the use of ropes (though a helmet is advisable). Quiet on a weekday if you start early. During the hike, we saw some oddly charred trees probably from controlled burns and some scat (check the pictures and help us identify it please), but not any large animals. The second half of the trail has lots of ice and spikes will be necessary for a safe adventure. Parts of the hike require rock scrambling, and a climb up a rock wall, but other sections are significantly easier. In total I only saw 14 people in my 10 miles of hiking! Overall, we really enjoyed this hike and would not hesitate to do it again. -By going CCW, you follow the white blazed AT trail before taking a left on a robin egg colored blaze (blue blaze). It is a little more technical then the main trail. More moderate than strenuous. Amazing views from the summit. Section of the AT has fallen trees. Then climb straight up the rocks, or take the faint trail to the right of the rocks towards the top. I thought the trail was clearly marked, I thought it was a fairly easy hike ( if you are experienced ) Begin this 3-mile loop on the Elk Mountain Trail as you navigate 1.1 miles over scree to the mountaintop. Notes: The last mile was more like 2 miles than the one it is marked as. Views are quite decent from Mary's Rock. Awesome trail. Join the REI Co-op community to get an annual dividend, access exclusives and give back. -Extra socks are nice to have just in case you were not nimble like we were during the stream crossings. Scrambling over easy rock terrain uses the same movement skills as rock climbing. Hiked this trail yesterday and it wouldn’t have worked without micro spikes! The “A” section of the trail offers scenic river views and takes a couple of hours … Will be back in the summer to climb the boulders again, to camp overnight, and to complete the longer hiking loop. It has been known to intimidate folks (myself included) with its class 4 (or 5 if off route) … The hike back up on Wildcat Ridge was still enjoyable for us due to the silence of the forest. Hiked up today. Today for my Thanksgiving hike I decided to do breakneck up to the fire lookout. Expect to be thrilled on five of our favorite scrambles, all within a 2 hour drive of the Denver/Boulder area. Very cool hike I would do it again!. Wonderful hike! It was very windy and icy so wear proper equipment. Many are scared on this trail. Great hike on a Tuesday afternoon not crowded! Up to skyline drive, trail was entirely empty. It’s a challenge and you’ll need to use arms and legs. Very easy hike, we parked at the dam and did the loop. This website contains route information submitted by real people like … The trail for the most part was slow which was perfect because it wasn’t crowded. In normal conditions I'd say this is a moderate hike; steady inclines in multiple places. Easy for experienced hikers but challenging and not too hard for novice ones. One of the best in Mohonk preserve. IT SAVED OUR LIFE! I got to the trail head at 8 AM and they were only four cars ahead of me. The entire hike including about a 30 minute lunch, few breaks to observe rocks and fauna, and a 2 mile detour (look at my Notes), took us 6.5 hours. #3 - Devil's Marbleyard Via Belfast Trail, #6 - Buck Ridge Trail To Mary's Rock Loop, #7 - Compton Peak Summit via Appalachian Trail, #8 - Great Falls Park to Riverbend Park Loop, #9 - Huntley Meadows Hike and Bike and Restoration Trail, Huntley Meadows Hike and Bike and Restoration Trail, Compton Peak Summit via Appalachian Trail, George Washington and Jefferson National Forests.

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