GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff var currentLocation = window.location; But as temperatures increase in early spring, the damaged cells try to continue their assigned biological processes only to find they cannot, and subsequently, they die and turn brown. I know it looks bad, but wait,” he said. I got a couple more this morning,” Erler said. objLink.Notes = "From this page " + currentLocation; damage is most likely due to unfavorable environmental and weather conditions. bush for winter conditions. The two primary reasons that rhododendron leaves turn brown are cold weather and rhododendron wilt. Richard Baker of Bristol says the rhododendron bush on his property has never looked this bad. objLink.LinkTarget = "_blank"; Leaves with excessive browning from winter or summer objLink.Credit = "'GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff'"; I was worried.”. objLink.LinkContent = " » Buy this Image"; '"; objLink.LinkClass = "mycapturelink"; objLink.PageTitle = currentheadline; The evergreen leafed species of Rhododendron are just that, they remain green throughout the winter months. objLink.IsAboveImage = false; Adequate shade will protect scorched, or browned and crisp) are not necessarily diseased. objLink.Notes = "From this page " + currentLocation; objLink.Render(); objLink.Notes = "From this page " + currentLocation; '"; You should get new growth in other areas of the plant in the spring. GEOFF FORESTER / Monitor staff '"; var sellablestring = "MONITOR STAFF"; objLink.LinkContent = " » Buy this Image"; Winter’s colder temperatures keep the leaves’ green chloroplasts from turning brown even after they are damaged. }, Brochu Garden Center Manager Rob Farquhar looks over a rhododendron bush at the nursery Thursday. Fraquhar feels like this particular plant can come back this spring. objLink.Notes = "From this page " + currentLocation; var photocredit = photocredit.toUpperCase(); Stress burn or scorch is a phenomenon that is not uncommon in broadleaf evergreens like rhododendron. Brochu Garden Center Manager Rob Farquhar looks over a rhododendron bush at the nursery Thursday. There are some things you can do to prevent curled, crispy rhododendron leaves objLink.Notes = "From this page " + currentLocation; Water var currentheadline = document.getElementById("headline").innerText; var currentLocation = window.location; “It’s been 20-plus years and I’ve never seen it like this. Happy holidays from all of us at Gardening Know How. objLink.PageTitle = currentheadline; Winter damage of rhododendrons does provide a lesson in plant evolution, helping to explain why deciduous trees go through the complexity and cost of shedding their leaves in the fall, and also explaining why most evergreens have long, skinny needles instead of leaves. objLink.BackText = "Go back to the Concord Monitor"; You can use burlap to block drying winter winds. objLink.Render(); objLink.IsAboveImage = false; var photocredit = photocredit.toUpperCase(); Len Brochu at Brochu Nursery in Concord agreed that plant owners shouldn’t be too quick in cutting off branches that look dead. }. objLink.PageTitle = currentheadline; var currentLocation = window.location; Reviewin… objLink.Render(); if (photocredit.indexOf(sellablestring) > -1) { branches don’t develop new buds and growth in the spring, trim them off the and drought is possible is also important for preventing summer Even if leaves are dead and dried out, there’s a chance that buds are still alive, or there are dormant buds along the stem that may sprout.”. Richard Baker / Courtesy objLink.LinkContent = " » Buy this Image"; your rhododendrons each week if rain is inadequate. objLink.LinkTarget = "_blank"; var photocredit = "'GEOFF FORESTER / Monitor staff' 'Brochu Garden Center Manager Rob Farquhar looks over a rhododendron bush at the nursery Thursday. objLink.LinkContent = " » Buy this Image"; A windy winter has left many of the region’s rhododendrons looking half-dead or even completely dead, but gardening experts have a piece of advice: Don’t panic! objLink.LinkTarget = "_blank"; objLink.IsAboveImage = false; enough stress to damage leaves. Only plant var currentLocation = window.location; “My wife and I were just talking about this yesterday. That is why pines, firs and other such trees don’t need to shed and re-grow their vegetation annually. GEOFF FORESTER—Monitor staff As for the presence of needles, they have much less surface area for the same volume than do leaves. objLink.LinkClass = "mycapturelink"; var currentLocation = window.location; objLink.LinkTarget = "_blank"; rhododendron to prevent winter and summer injury. Fraquhar feels like this particular plant can come back this spring. if (photocredit.indexOf(sellablestring) > -1) { objLink.BackText = "Go back to the Concord Monitor"; objLink.LinkContent = " » Buy this Image"; '"; On occasion, we’ve had some brown on it, but that’s all,” he said. 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