The 6 Best Reflection Filters for Recording Vocals; Up next… 5. Singing and Recording. My first move here is to – first, I just want to figure out the vocal itself. If you want an in-depth look at how to mix vocals, we've got that for you too. Let's do it. Andrew Scheps has an incredible career of achievements, which incorporates a credit list featuring Red Hot Chili Peppers, Adele, Metallica, Black Sabbath, Michael Jackson, Robbie Robertson, Justin Timberlake, Iggy Pop, U2, Jay-Z, … by Dave Bankhead 25 Apr 2014. Also listen to some recordings of the song (on YouTube or other sites) to get more ideas on how you would like to sing. [vocals] Okay, so it’s a good recording. [vocals with compression] And I have the attack set pretty long. Foot Noise. Previous Previous Next If you need to record a group of vocalists on a single track, here's how to get the job done. With certain flooring… Every single footstep can be heard loud and clear throughout the entire house. So, I’m going to take a compressor and just do some compression here. When singers tap their feet, those vibrations travel up your mic stand, and onto the recording. The actual dry vocal is sounding pretty good. The truthful detail, extended low-end, and Blumlein configuration inherent to the R88 make it an outstanding tool for capturing the comprehensive sound of group vocals. Group Vocals - Setup and Recording. Soon you'll know how to record vocals like a pro. Before even recording your vocals, familiarize yourself with the lyrics and melody to your song. 20 milliseconds. Video - Record Group Background Vocals. A singer who is into the performance will probably move around a little bit. The Master Class song "Dancing On The Edge Of Obscurity" includes some group vocal parts near the end, which worked out great for the DVD purpose. There’s something exhilarating about listening to a great vocal group hitting their stride with energy and attitude, and nailing both the groove and their tuning with ease! Recording Vocal Groups. When recording a vocal, these volume differences can be a nightmare when it comes to mixing the vocal and having it sit well with the other tracks. How To Record Group Vocals and Choirs With the R88 Audio Samples and Techniques Using the AEA R88. I think it hits on the bigger parts. We're going to discuss these tips in the order that you would encounter them as you record and process your vocals. A little compression can help this, but you can also help this by just moving back a little from the mic. Difficulty: Intermediate Length: Medium Languages: Recording. Sites such as can can be useful in finding songs and brushing up on lyrics. That way, if you're not an absolute beginner, you can skip forward in the logical sequence and find what you need. Vocals | Mixcraft - Music Recording Software.

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