[1][8] Stocke, an espionage agent for Alistel, is sent by his superior Heiss on a mission with mercenaries Raynie and Marco to escort a spy back to Alistel's capital; before leaving, Stocke is given a book called the "White Chronicle" by Heiss. [1] Following a key choice within the story, there are two main timelines and numerous smaller branches from those timelines. [8] The game released in Japan on November 3, 2010. [32] The violin was performed by Ayako Ishikawa, while the guitar work was by Hideyuki Yonekawa. The track number was double what she planned, resulting in her tunes going over the console's music file limits. Granorg. [61] In the United Kingdom, Perfect Chronology entered the 3DS gaming charts at eighth place. [60] According to data from North America's NPD Group, the game was the third best-selling 3DS game in the region during February 2018. [1] Within these environments following the game's opening mission, the main character Stocke can manipulate boxes to clear paths and solve puzzles, in addition to other elements such as destructible objects and treasure chests containing consumables or items such as armor and weapons. [18] Localization efforts for the game began in August 2010, with a large team including four translators for just the game's text. [22] Additional writers were Souzou Tonami and Kazuhito Okayama. [64] Nintendo Life gave it an honourable mention for their Game of the Year award. [7] Events across each timeline are tied to side quests the player can complete. [13], The concept for Radiant Historia was created by Takayashiki, who first pitched his proposal to Atlus in 2007. [3][7][8] Battles take place in a separate arena, with the battle itself and turn order information being displayed respectively on the bottom and top screen. When he became the main character, Konishi changed his main color to red, reworked his hair so it did not cover his eyes, and made his uniform more militaristic. [37][38] The piano collection was suggested by Shimomura by Atlus. [27] Hirata wanted to restore the original game's two discarded story routes, but instead opted for preserving the established scenario. For Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology on the 3DS, a GameFAQs message board topic titled "Eruca new design". Nemesia reveals that the desertification is caused by a Mana-consuming entity dubbed the Singularity, created by the Empire's experiments on Nemesia's secret lover Rhodan when creating the Chronicles. The player party's position is fixed, but enemy units can use their turn to change position on the grid. The English script's tone was inspired by Queen & Country, a comic series written by Greg Rucka. Teo & Lippti • Master Vainqueur Once the player turn ends, enemy units return to their original positions on the grid. [37] Reaction to the piano album was generally negative. [33] She was first contacted about working on the project via email, and while she initially thought it a prank was shocked when she realized the email was real. As reported by Japanese magazine Famitsu, the game was 80% complete at that point. The remake saw a generally positive response, with many praising the added story and gameplay content. [5][6] Experience points and currency earned in battles are carried over between timelines. An expanded remake for the Nintendo 3DS, titled Radiant Historia: Perfect Chronology, was released in 2017 in Japan and released in North America and Europe the following year, with the European version being published by Deep Silver. [14] Both Stocke and Eruca were originally meant to be supporting characters, as at the time the protagonist was still to be a sword. Let's Play Radiant Historia by DarkHamsterlord - Part 19: Princess Eruca [23] Based on input from Atlus staff, Konishi refined his initial draft designs. When designing the gameplay, the Atlus staff kept the basic proposal intact while streamlining through refining the mechanics and simplifying sprite animations to quicken the pace of standard battles. Using this mechanic, unit's place in the action queue can be shifted to another point in the queue, allowing them to take more actions than might otherwise be possible. Travelling between alternate timelines is a key part of both the storyline and the gameplay, with the number of potential timelines unlocked influencing the ending. [6], Originally hinted at by a trademark in March 2010,[10] Radiant Historia was officially announced in July of that year. Several critics compared it favourably to role-playing games from the 16-bit gaming era. Once all the artifacts are retrieved, Stocke persuades Heiss to lend the power of the Black Chronicle, then reunites with the group and Nemesia. [48] In an import review for Eurogamer, Chris Schilling called it one the best DS role-playing titles, though he criticised its linear structure. King Victor • Prophet Noah [6] Successfully defeating the enemy party rewards the player party with money and experience points which level up the party members, giving them higher statistics such as raised health and more powerful attacks. Eruca is often complimented for her beauty, with flowing blonde hair and bright blue eyes. [3][7][9], The arena is divided between Stocke's three-person party and the enemy group. In regards to Eruca’s new, long hair, Hirata states that she was actually meant to have long hair originally. The remake included redrawn artwork, voice acting, an additional story path, and an animated opening produced by A-1 Pictures. A cloaking ability unlocked later in the game enables the party to slip by enemies unseen. The other characters work to help Vainqueur rebuild, including beginning research into ways of stabilizing mana which will negate the ritual and the need for sacrifices. [11] The lead 2D and 3D designers were Tomohiro Okuno and Yasuko Sumiya respectively. [59], Perfect Chronology debuted in Japan at #1, selling 21,429 units and pushing Nintendo Switch exclusive Arms to #2 after two weeks at the top of the charts. In their own world, the characters settle down to normal lives, with Stocke and Heiss parting as friends. The core concept was for the tracks to be calm and soothing even if their original forms were more energetic. [44] Owing to its premise and mechanics, multiple critics compared the game favourably to classic role-playing games from the 16-bit and 32-bit eras, while also noting its bold choices compared to other recent RPGs.

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