Within a priority level, EOS evaluates functions from left to right and in the following order. Easily see multiple calculations, compare results and explore patterns on the 4-line MultiView display. All references in this manual will refer to the TI-30XS MultiView, but are also applicable for the TI-30XB MultiView. [2nd] [√][8] gives 2√2 as an answer). 3 %c %i < 1st Expressions inside ) sin, logR You'll need some sort of a scientific/graphing calculator (I like the TI-36X Pro). TI's most advanced scientific calculator with enhanced mathematical functionality. ‐ some calculations will yield an exact number (e.g. TI-30XB MultiView functi ons. r/TI_Calculators: A place to post programs, questions, requests, news, and other stuff for Texas Instruments calculators. The TI-36X Pro is an updated version of the European model, the TI-30X Pro MultiView, which was taken off the market shortly after its release in 2010 because of programming errors. Then use the Quadratic Regression feature of your calculator. For more 1 TI‐36X Pro Calculator Notes DISPLAY ‐ adjust contrast on display with [2nd] [+] or [2nd] [‐] buttons. The TI-36X Pro calculator uses Equation Operating System (EOS ) to evaluate expressions. TI-30X Pro & TI-36X Pro Open or Close In these videos, I will show you how to REALLY use the TI-30X Pro and TI-36X Pro Scientific Calculators (they are essentially the same calculator). Examples assume all default settings, as shown in the Modes section. First enter the x values into a list in your calculator, then enter the y values. • The 36X Pro has 3 functions that are capable of solving equations. You have "poly-solve" which will solve quadratic and cubic functions when you enter the coefficients. The TI-36X Pro screen can display a maximum of four lines with a maximum of 16 characters per line. Ideal for engineering and computer science

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