will taking out my neck humbucker and reversing it so the pole pieces facing the bridge bucker instead of the neck change the tone much? Wondering if anyone else has ever done it. Hey y’all - I’m looking for a mini humbucker for the neck position of my Tele. Home Forums > The DIY Channel > The DIY Tool Shed > Installing a neck humbucker Discussion in 'The DIY Tool Shed' started by High Head Brad, Feb 11, 2017. I've had a mini in the neck but never the bridge. So that leaves the neck position. If you put 5,000 turns per coil the pickup could be 8 k ohms and the bridge position could sound fat and full and the neck pickup could sound dark and muddy. So I'm thinking of putting a pair of mini humbuckers in my tele. There are plenty of teles around with the opposite configuration (humbucker in the neck, singlecoil in the bridge), but I just can’t find one how I want it! What I need is something bright, clear and defined that holds together well under gain. Any help or insight you can provide is much appreciated. i want to put a humbucker in the neck position of my fender telecaster lite ash model. High Head Brad Tele-Meister. Of course, when you embrace the possibility of putting a full-sized humbucker in a Tele, you are giving yourself an incredible number of options. Feb 11, 2017 #1. However, one of my favourite things about the tele is it's gorgeous jazz tone when on the neck, with just a hair of tone control. I wanted to fit a humbucker, but I think replacing the bridge pickup is a cardinal sin; tele bite is unique. I couldn’t care less if it sounds like a traditional Tele - I’m looking for bright and as close to a PAF as I can get. It's the only thing about a Tele I don't like. Thanks in advance. It's always been an unusable sound for me. how much would it be to put a humbucker in it? I've honestly never cared for the Telecaster neck pickup. I’d rather buy one with the configuration I want if possible, rather than buy it and then buy a pickup and a new bridge etc. I have a Telecaster, and I love it, but I want to be able to drive amps and get a fatter sound. Telecaster Guitar Forum. If two coils in a humbucker are wound with 4,500 turns per coil and the DC resistance could be 7.3 k ohms, the neck position may sound full and warm but the bridge may sound thin and bright. There are just so many different humbuckers available, all with subtly different tones and levels of output. For me, I prefer a Humbucker (fullsize) low output pickup or an Esquire configuration or something like Fender's Twisted Tele neck pickup or the Fralin Big T which removes the problems with standard Tele neck pickups.

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