But I'm kinda sorry that it came to building their guitars offshore and also. If you look on Sweetwater, some of the SE Customs in stock say WMI Korea on the back and some say Cor-Tek Indonesia. Originally, the entire line was made by World Musical Instrument Co in Incheon, Korea. I feel that if PRS did make such a big shift they should have told the consumer. This has always been a perfectly marvelous sounding and performing trem bridge, so I'm so very glad to see no change here! GMC:er Posts: 4.675 Joined: 27-May 13 From: Turkey / izmir. The switch to a Tele-style 3-way blade switch in a MUCH more convenient location is a downright beautiful thing, but as we'll see in a moment, the switch itself is quite inferior to the Gibson style switch on the MIK guitars. It’s worth noting that even though this guitar is crafted by World Musical Instruments in South Korea, the PRS SE models still must pass PRS American quality-control checks before being shipped out. Mertay. The 2017 PRS custom SE 24 Floyd i have (Korean) is one of if not the best quality guitar in its price range. I had no idea PRS made SE models in indonesia till today we went for a PRS hunt with a friend. Options. Originally, the entire line was made by World Musical Instrument Co in Incheon, Korea. The mere fact that Korea is now seen as a top-shelf manufacturing center, and Indonesia is not, has led more than a few folks to conclude that the MIK instruments are superior to the MII counterparts. Options. This, folks, provided exactly the opportunity for the direct comparison that myself and so many others out there have been waiting for. MUCH better fit and finish than my Gibson LP Tribute (US) and much better than my 2017 Jackson Soloist Pro made in Indonesia. The PRS SE Custom guitars are the higher end versions and are typically made in South Korea. MUCH better fit and finish than my Gibson LP Tribute (US) and much better than my 2017 Jackson Soloist Pro made in Indonesia. But in the Nineties, the company introduced a more affordable line of Korean-made PRS guitars, dubbed SE, that offer many of the features found on U.S.-built guitars at a lower price point. Atleast with the models we tried, the Korea's sounded better and the price difference wasn't too much when compared. Mertay. I've got a new SE Custom 24 at the house. There is a thread on it on the PRS guitars forum, but heaven forbid you say anything somewhat bad about PRS on there. I’ve updated this post to reflect this new info. Here, the MII is the clear winner. For a little more back story, feel free to read this blog. The pickups are better to my ears than the G&B pickups that were going in the Korean models. Cutting back the finish on an SE (Image credit: PRS / Jack Higginbotham) New Horizon. Mine says something to the effect of "Manufactured by Cor-Tek Guitars in Indonesia ---" or a recent Korean one would read"Manufactured by World Guitars in South Korea---" it's completely un-ambiguous the way PRS is doing it. As most guitarists know, PRS guitars are made in the U.S. at Paul Reed Smith’s factory in Stevensville, Maryland. A user posted their new SE Custom r/guitar today. Dec 8 2017, 06:58 PM. Aside from the changes to the guitar itself, the location of the SE’s manufacture is changing, too. And so, my friends, we come to the end of our journey. In the case of the Korean instrument makers, the solution was simple: the neighboring island nation of Indonesia. Looks like a fine instrument but the back of the headstock indicated that it was built by Cort in Indonesia and not World Music in South Korea. NOW FREE SHIPPING TO 48 CONTIGUOUS UNITED STATES ON ALL ORDERS!!! Tone. The tone-pot now pulls-out on the Indonesian guitars to split both pickups into single-coil mode. Evolution of Guitar Amps (Back to the Future Part 2), Evolution of Guitar Pickups (Back To The Future). A bit of typical setup lovin' and it's gold. In the early days of the PRS SE line, it seamed that Paul was being very careful to NOT have the SE line too comparable to his US made line; the birds, for instance, were quite rare on the SE models, as of today (2020) these higher-end appointments are quite common on the SE line. I hope you've gained some useful insight. The "SE" stands for "Student Edition," and the line is full of classic Paul Reed Smith models—both of the standard and custom variety—at more budget-friendly price points. Signing up for our newsletter will keep you informed of promos and speaker giveaways! However, Indonesian guitars have really improved their quality in recent years, while still being cheaper to produce than South Korean guitars due to the lower labor costs. Everyone jumps … No, its nowhere near as nice as my 2004 PRS McCarty tho. Okay, let's roll! See ya next week! The hottest debates in this arena circle around the PRS SE line of guitars. GMC:er Posts: 4.675 Joined: 27-May 13 From: Turkey / izmir. JavaScript is disabled. PRS SE – PRS SE guitars are made in either South Korea or Indonesia. The bound finger board of the newer MII guitar on the right, with it's beautifully rolled ends and "birds in flight" inlay makes the MIK guitar look downright dowdy. So where does a lowly instrument manufacturer go to find workers when you are in a country flush with high-paid automobile and electronics manufacturing jobs? I've been through a lot of World Guitars built guitars over the years (PRS/Schecter/LTD/Reverend/Jackson) If this. Instead of using their long time partner for the SE line, World Music Instruments in Korea, the Standards came from Indonesia's PT Wildwood facility that, certainly around the time their launch was also building for Yamaha, Schecter, Fender and ESP(LTD) among others. No doubt, the enhanced contours of the newer MII guitars (top) feels, and looks, superior to the MIK counterparts (bottom).

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