The young are protesting against the difference between the myth and reality of the society in which they are growing. Youth problem For the avoidance of such misfortune parents should say a right word in a right time and reinforce teen’s decision not to take drugs. They can't leave behind their "good old days". 8. A majority of them have fallen victims to self-pity, mister med as alienation. Europe, the problems of youth are that of transition from a “Closed Society” to the “Open One”. Pregnancies among under-age girls have leapt. Type: Old people are always saying that the youth are not what they were. With this increase ease of availability, crime coordination and implementation has also become easier. First there is the elderly gentleman who is a customer in the bar. But the only place where we feel ourselves comfortable, protected is our home. Post-adolescence problem Essay, 10 pages. Nicholas Sparks, The Rescue Unfortunately, the adults apply old standards to the new way of life. 10. Subculture’s impact But this is what the young generation is now doing. I, new to this town, was canning fruit for the upcoming months, so I thought little of the lack of preparation by my hermetic neighbor. Type: They had been brought up in an atmosphere impregnated by conformism. It was assumed that subculture is a subsystem of the whole system of culture. Youth subculture is born and... ...Youth is a period of life which is of utmost importance in the life of man. It diminished their respect for the wisdom of old age because it was the old men—their fathers—who had started the war. But usually the desired freedoom is replaced by the strictness of our parents, their great desire to take care of us, to teach us.They don`t understand that their children are adult and have their own opinion, own wishes. Youth is a very important period in the life of every man. (Chambliss & Hass, 2012) International crime, being offenses that are extreme infractions of human interests or crimes against the peace and security of humankind that are governed by international law. In our society, unfortunately, there are many young … The reason of their leaving sometimes in misunderstanding between them and their parents.Being a child you want more attention … Later you need a good advice… then freedom. Broken families, Single parent homes. The adults say that the young people are not what they used to be. In the underdeveloped countries also, young people are feeling disgruntled because their visions of a happy future are being obliterated either by internal strife or by political opportunism. Young people face lots of problems, which are very important for them and don't differ much from those that once their parents had to deal with. but life offers the realities of grief. Students form a very important group among the youth of all nations. They are no longer prepared to blindly accept whatever their elders choose to ram down their throats. Difficult decisions and adjustments face young people in today's society. The young people can't accept the values of their "fathers". Three, they will not be young for very long. A fast-growing populations has increased to complexities of life in our times and the fantastic technological progress triggered off by the Second World War. Growing affluence in the developed societies of the West has generated among the people there a restlessness, which pines for instant rewards. More children than ever are living with single parents today. But, there is no any well-established system of views on the appearance of subcultures nowadays. They think that the world is going down the hill. Researchers’ record In this case, the age - an important demographic characteristics. All these differences generate a generation gap when the young and adult don't understand one another. The result is that they try to attract attention in other ways and seek excitement in drugs and permissiveness. And that is not a recent development. The world is changing, the priorities are becoming different and all these influence us, the young generation. Those who advocate taking to the streets to give vent to feelings of grievance plead that no one pays attention to words any longer. Youth in Conjunction with the Process of Becoming an Adult, A Report on Youth Unemployability in India, Social Work Management in Youth and Communities, Factors Contributing to Youth Violence in US Today, Short Story"A Clean, Well-Lighted Place" by Ernest Hemingway, Positive and Negative Effects of Longer Living, Ask Writer For As a rule, the adults who are dissatisfied with their own lives teach the young how to live. We can Skype with our relatives or friends abroad, internet calling is almost instantaneous, and we have the means to our money from almost anywhere in the world. Additional materials, such as the best quotations, synonyms and word definitions to make your writing easier are Essay, 2 pages. This is nothing peculiar to the modern age. Violence is an expression of intolerance. In the circumstances, is it to be wondered at if all talk of dedication to ideals, renewed moral vigour, basic virtues etc. The ok people, being more at home with words rather than with action, oft make noises about the problems of youth. In this very time a young person is trying to find his place in the world. There are a valuable dominant , or core of culture, and next to it a number of subcultural formations in any culture. But nowadays everything is not as good as it may seem. You can write the same essay under the title Essay on Problems of Young People, Modern Youth Essay, Essay on the youth today and problems of modern youth. HIRE verified writer $35.80 for a 2-page paper. 2. These young people constitute an important cluster because they represent the next generation of professionals, breadwinners, parents and leaders. The adults don't want their values to be questioned. 7. These two factors combined have brought about great socio-political changes during the last three decades, both in the industrialized countries of the west and in the underdeveloped countries in Asia and Africa. As the President of the Yale University said some time ago, the ugliness of the radical is no different from the ugliness of the reactionary. 1. It is either because of unwanted pregnancies or broken relationships or because of high divorce rates. The morals and beliefs, range of interests, education, health and habits are all laid in childhood and youth, the personality is shaped. It differs from the one that preceded it in its experience, ideals and a system of values. They think that they look more mature holding a cigarette or a bottle of beer but they don’t ponder over the destructive effect on their health. But even from the layman’s point of view, the indictment appears to be patently one-sided. Some of them grow out of it or simply decide they don’t like it and then stop. (2016, Apr 03). Like the others in the same age group, they too have ample reason to be dissatisfied with the state of affairs in our educational institutions. We can meet them everywhere in our life: in a family, in a street, at school, future career, love… 4. Culture –it is a certain whole system with its inner certainty of value-hierarchical relationships.

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