TUX BOOT SPLASH Plymouth Themes. Plymouth Themes. NEWLY UPDATED! 27. Re: Arch Plymouth themes Sadly I can't use Plymouth cause I don't have KMS (using proprietary ATi driver) - but Fbsplash might be worth looking into, too! MLP: Bootsplash is Magic - Vinyl Scratch Plymouth Themes. La Linea Plymouth Themes. 36. 124. there are total 80 themes, split into four parts. 39. Percentage Plymouth Theme Plymouth Themes. May 10 2019. Pantsu Shaker Plymouth Theme for some Ubuntu distros. A plymouth theme for Arch Linux, based on plymouth-theme-paw-arch. Ubuntu Touch Plymouth Themes. Since there's supposedly a lot of Arch users in the LAS audience, I decided I'd post it here. 30. We want to bring Tux, the Linux penguin, to Ubuntu! 29. I've uploaded the part_1 with 20 themes and working on 60 more themes. Plymouth Theme - Arch Charge. Arch Linux Glow Plymouth Themes. 41. 28. 5.0. Arch Linux Glow Plymouth Themes. Ubuntu Touch Plymouth Themes. 32. 28. Ubunut Spinner Logo Plymouth Plymouth Themes. 30. aurora-borealis: LMDE bootsplash Plymouth Themes. gonna finish them all and update soon. Ubuntu Mate Red Plymounth Theme Plymouth Themes. This is the big logo version, you can find the original variant here: All 20 : Previews. TUX BOOT SPLASH 2.0 . 37. Initial release of a Plymouth theme I created. 31. Arch-logo plymouth Plymouth Themes. Actually, this is just an excuse for asking you if you could make that theme available for Fbsplash Minimal and dark Arch Linux theme for Plymouth, based upon the Debian theme, with extracted BGRT logo I decided to recreate it using the ArchLinux logo. Metro Plymouth Plymouth Themes. Alter Ubuntu Plymouth Theme Plymouth Themes. 29. 38. 40. So I've created these Plymouth themes. I recently tried using Fedora and was really impressed by the look and feel of their Plymouth theme. ... Can you add some arch and other distro logos and make something good. Pantsu Shaker Plymouth Theme Plymouth Themes. 31. 33. From boot to desktop we've created themes that … TUX BOOT SPLASH Plymouth Themes. Plymouth Themes by tuxedojoe. I'll get some preview images up (at the Upstream URL) sometime shortly, but the description is pretty accurate.

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