In compliance with instructions, Volume 1, No. x 12 in. H. C. Hewitt, Cookeville, Tennessee, edited issues from 1972 through 1983. Volumes XXVII through XXXII were edited by M. J. Goglia, Atlanta, GA., with the assistance of active members of the Georgia Tech Nu and the Purdue Beta Chapters. Scholarships. Copyright © PiTauSigma 2020. participation. The Pi Tau Sigma Gold Medal is awarded to the young engineering graduate who has demonstrated outstanding achievement in mechanical engineering within ten years following receipt of the baccalaureate degree. 2019 Pi Tau Sigma National Convention The Tau Psi chapter was honored to host the 98th Pi Tau Sigma National Convention February 15th & 16th, 2019. The National Council of Pi Tau Sigma was petitioned in March 1949. Hosted by Pi Tau Sigma Alpha Sigma at The University of Illinois at Chicago. Again, fulfilling the requests of the convention, Volume VII contained a complete membership roll of the fraternity. Stay Connected! pages with white cover and included editorial notes and comments, the welcoming speech of President A. C. Willard to the preceding convention, and news from the Chapters. Site Map. Search for: The early leaders: Professors C. R. Richards, A. C. Willard, and O. Pi Tau Sigma came into being on March 16, 1915, at the University A similar organization embarked November 15, 1915, at Wisconsin, and other local organizations (such as the Carzeuran of Purdue) were soon to become active. become active. Notable among the issues of The Condenser was the Silver Anniversary Issue, commemorating the twenty- fifth anniversary of the founding of Pi Tau Sigma. J. W. Bayne, Urbana, Illinois edited the issued through 1971. Membership. The issue was dedicated to serve as a common medium of exchange of ideas between chapters. The Pi Tau Sigma mission is to strive to create better engineers through commitment to academic excellence and dedication to service. Menu. The feature article was the history of 25 years in Pi Tau Sigma. Volumes XXI and XXII were edited by C. H. Kent, New York, NY, with assistance from the active members of C.C.N.Y. PI TAU SIGMA is the International Honor Society for Mechanical Engineers.Pi Tau Sigma members are chosen on a basis of sound engineering ability, scholarship service, leadership, and integrity. The Chapter-At-Large was Tau Sigma National Honor Society 680 North College Street Suite A Auburn, Alabama 36830 334-826-1071 334-826-1119 Email Tau Sigma. A special 50th anniversary issue of The Condenser was published in 1965. The issue, edited by J. W. Bayne included several items of historical interest plus greetings from five past National Presidents. In ten years Pi Tau Sigma grew to six chapters in the Midwest (Illinois Alpha, Sigma Pi Tau Chapter. Miles, chairman of the Mechanical Engineering Department, Missouri School of Mines and Metallurgy with five student, Ed Clark, Truman Anderson, Arthur Baebler, John Miles and Frank Paladin, organized a group of undergraduate students who qualified for membership in Pi Tau Sigma and petitioned the National Council of Pi Tau Sigma. All rights Reserved. Hosted by Pi Tau Sigma Alpha Sigma at The University of Illinois at Chicago More Information Coming Soon! Pi Beta Chapter. Pi Tau Sigma National Convention | 2021. Illinois Alpha, Illinois Tech Delta, and Northwestern Pi Theta. More Information Coming Soon! During the succeeding four years nine additional chapters were installed. It consisted of eight, 8 in. The duty of the First Vice President was to edit The Condenser. He was a member of ASME and served on its Board of Governors. With the increased cost of publications, all of which are paid by the national chapter out of the dues received from members, it became necessary to retrench so that effective with Volume XXIII the articles were omitted and effective with Volume XXV the pictures of the buildings were not repeated, as they appear in The Story of Pi Tau Sigma. It served its purpose to the growing fraternity. Links. With a total of 159 chapters installed over the past century, all but two currently maintain active status.

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