Weight: They weigh between 18.7 and 56.4 oz. By Dianne Taggart Peregrine Falcon Length: 15-21 inches Wingspan: 40-45 inches What an incredible bird! Length: They are 14.2 to 19.3 inches tall with a 2.4 to 3.9 foot wingspan. Both the male and female have similar plumage and markings, but the females grow … The Peregrine Falcon is considered to be one of the fastest creatures on earth. One of the most widespread birds in the world, the peregrine … Peregrine Falcon Description The peregrine falcon's scientific name is Falco peregrinus, which means "falcon wanderer." The peregrine falcon has a body length of 34 to 58 cm and a wingspan from 74 to 120 cm. The average height is nearly 18 inches… While there are Peregrine nest sites in VA, it remains on the Threatened list on the state. Size Length 14-19 inches Wingspan 37-46 inches … Falcons… Males and females have similar markings and plumage but, as in many birds of prey, the peregrine falcon … The peregrine, once known as the “duck hawk,” is a large falcon, the male more than 16 inches tall and the larger female measuring up to about 20 inches, with a wingspan of up to 44 inches. Color: Adults have a dark slate-blue back and wings, with a dark blue … The speed of a peregrine falcon … There is a size difference between the male and female. Peregrine Falcons are the largest hawk in the Americas and seen on pretty much every continent except Antarctica. Their length ranges from 14.2-19.3 inches and their wingspan ranges … The peregrine falcon subsequently experienced one of the most dramatic recoveries of any endangered species, and was formally removed from the federal list in 1999. Birds of Prey Colorado: Peregrine Falcon (Falco peregrinus) The Peregrine Falcon is the fastest creature on earth as they dive over 200 mph speed. IDENTIFICATION. They have a body length between 34 and 50 cms (13.5 - 20 inches), a wingspan between 91 and 112 cms (36 - 44 inches… The US Fish and Wildlife Service has removed the Peregrine Falcon from the Endangered Species list. It is about the size and weight of a crow and normally grows to 15 inches in length with a 40-inch wingspan. • Length: 16-20 inches; Weight: 22-32 ounces (females larger than males); Wingspan: 36-44 inches • The head, back and wings of the peregrine falcon are mostly slate black or dark brown with a dark wedge … The falcons can grow to a body length of 13 to 23 inches with a wingspan reaching lengths ranging from 29 to 47 inches. ... Peregrines are mid-sized birds of prey, 15 to 22 inches in length, with a wingspan … The Peregrine Falcon is one of the world's fastest birds and they have the widest distribution of any day-flying land bird. They are a crow-sized bird of prey that can reach diving speeds of up to 200 mph!

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