1.9 Leaving the realm of night, hastened to escort me towards the light, 8.2 Left to say of a way: 'exists'; very many signs 18.3 Nur wenn sie die gleichmaessige Mischung sich erhaelt, wohlgebaute Koerper. 4.2 For you will not cut off what is from clinging to what is, Of these two principles I declare to thee every arrangement as it appears to men, so that no knowledge among mortals may surpass thine. 8.17 to let go the one way as unthinkable and nameless (for it is not a true 1.21 the maidens kept the chariot and horses on the broad way. 1.32 to be provedly things that are altogether throughout. 8.61 So ist es unmoeglich, dass dir irgendeine Ansicht der Sterblichen jemals den Rang ablaufe. Related Content 8.27 it is, without start or finish, since coming to be and destruction Nor is it subject to division, for it is all alike; nor is anything more in it, so as to prevent its cohesion, nor anything less, but all is full of being; therefore the all is continuous, for being is contiguous to being. 16.4 In each and in all men; for the full is thought. 1.27 this road (for indeed it is far from the beaten path of humans), 1.24 'Juengling, der du unsterblichen Wagenlenkern gesellt 5.1 It is the same to me 1.21 the maidens held the chariot and horses on the broad road. 6.3 Denn das ist der erste Weg der Forschung, von dem ich dich fernhalte. The goddess received me with kindness, and, taking my right hand in hers, she addressed me with these words:--Youth joined with drivers immortal, who hast come with the horses that bear thee, to our dwelling, hail! 19.1 Thus, [I tell you] according to opinion, these things have grown and now are, 10.2 the signs in the sky and the shining Sun's 6.8 By whom to be and not to be are considered the same 12.4 For everywhere she is the beginner of union and of painful birth, 2.1 Wohlan, so will ich denn sagen (nimm du dich aber des Wortes an, das du hoertest), Always looking towards the rays of the sun. He must learn all things, she tells him—both truth, which is certain, and human opinions, for, though one cannot rely on human opinions, they represent … 8.50 Herewith I end for you my reliable/evidential account and reasoning 2.2 welche Wege der Forschung allein zu denken sind: 8.19 How could what is be in the future ? 8.1 ... hereafter a single account In the following passage, Parmenides poetically relates to a reader how all is One and that there is, indeed, a way which is and a way which is not, and to believe otherwise is simply to believe wrongly about the nature of the universe. 2.8 nor may you declare it. 19.3 Und fuer diese Dinge haben die Menschen einen Namen festgesetzt, einen bezeichnenden fuer jedes. Third Group - Arnold Hermann - To Think Like God: Pythagoras and Parmenides. 12.4 For she rules over hateful birth and intermingling of all things, 8.50 Damit beschliesse ich fuer dich mein verlaessliches Reden und Denken A contemporary of both Heraclitus (l. c. 500 BCE) and Socrates (l.c. 1.3 of the goddess, which brings a knowing mortal to all cities one by one. I bid you consider this. 8.57 Das milde, gar leichte, mit sich selber ueberall identisch, But also from this, on which mortals who know nothing 12.6 Wieder das Maennliche dem Weiblichen. If it came into existence, it is not being, nor will it be if it ever is to come into existence. 1.28 but Right and justice. 8.9 Dass NICHT IST ist. Truth may only be recognized through reason. 1.27 this road (though it is far from the beaten [or, customary] path of man), 8.36 You will not find thought; for nothing other, besides Being, either is or will be, Denn was fuer einen Ursprung willst Du fuer dieses ausfindig machen? 6.8 for whom to be and not to be are deemed the same and Mark has lived in Greece and Germany and traveled through Egypt. 7.5 and tongue, but judge by reason the heavily contested refutation Parmenides of Eleaby Raphael (Public Domain). Nor will the force of the argument permit that anything spring from being except being itself. 2.5 The other that [reasons it] IS NOT, and that it is necessary that [it] NOT BE, 12.6 Male with the female. 8.52 Indem du meiner Worte truegliche Ordnung hoerst. 10.5 and its nature, and you shall know also the surrounding heaven, 8.44 evenly balanced in every way from the middle; for it must be not at all greater

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