As mentioned, the story follows the Kims as, one-by-one, the do whatever's necessary to earn a position in the wealthy Park family's household. Ki-woo (Choi Woo-shik) opens the bunker and Geun-sae ambushes him. For their part, the movie asks if the Parks—wealthy idiots who are dependent on a lower class—aren’t the real “parasites”, who give nothing back and don’t really care about anyone other than themselves. As the site's Chief Film Critic, he has authored hundreds of reviews and covered major film festivals including the Toronto International Film Festival and the Sundance Film Festival. Connection to Parasite Eve. Parasite has so many layers, themes, metaphors, and messages. Aya and Eve meet Kyle in the museum. The Parks don’t learn that the Kims are related, and everything seems to be going fine until they learn that Moon-gwang has been hiding her husband, Geun-se (Myeong-hoon Park), in the Parks’ basement. Unlike the previous game (and consequently truer to its survival horror theme) there is not any reviving items so the game has to be played more cautious. Parasite is far more pessimistic, arguing that economic immobility is the new normal, and that those who are born poor will die poor and those who are rich will die rich. In an interview with NPR, Bong Joon-ho said this about the ending: So I don’t want to think as a person or creator I’ve become pessimistic about the world… But with Parasite, I really wanted to be honest. During this time, Aya communicates with the entire audience's mitochondria and their eyes begin to glow a pinkish red. Parasite’s ending offers a thrill ride that turns dreams into nightmares and hope into despair. Eventually, the two families enter each other’s orbit. Mayor' Trailer Puts Ted Danson on a Zany Quest for Political Respect. Basically, Eve got into Aya's body, and Aya got into Eve's. The go-to source for comic book and superhero movie fans. The ending haunts you because of its brutally honest take on the current state of affairs. Make sure to watch Parasite and other Oscar nominated films before the Academy Awards on Feb 9. We then see a sequence where Ki-woo plans to make enough money to buy the house and free his father. The other is possessed by an ancient evil threatening all life on Earth. Aya in Eve's body wants Eve in Aya's body to kill herself. Chung-sook (Chang Hyae-jin) tries not to let Moon-gwang inside but she pushes her way through. The film made history by being the first movie from South Korea to win the Cannes Film Festival Palme d’Or. The Kims’ station in life is set, and it’s only through duplicity that they can even come close to the wealth that the Parks possess. Parasite’s ending offers a thrill ride that turns dreams into nightmares and hope into despair. We’re all trapped where we are. The song at the end of Parasite, even points to this idea that it will take 564 years for Ki-woo to make enough to afford the Park’s old home. The Kims engage in ruthless behavior to take positions as the Parks servants. I believe that all three families are the parasites. Meanwhile, Moon-gwang dies from the blow to the head and Geun-sae goes mad from watching his wife die. The Park family is a parasite because they cannot function without the assistance of servants. The fantasy of upward economic mobility is Ki-woo’s fantasy. Covering the hottest movie and TV topics that fans want. In the ending scene, Aya's powers are fully awakened, and she takes control of everyone in the theater. The Parks' former housekeeper, Moon-gwang (Lee Jung-eun), arrives at the mansion claiming that she forgot something in the basement. Bong Joon-ho clearly put so much thought, time, and effort into Parasite. It is on track to make even bigger history by being the first South Korean film to win the Oscar for Best Picture. The American dream is just a fantasy that will never match up to the reality of everyday life for the poor. A compilation of the two ending CGI sequences. They’re leeching off the people that work for them. The movie ends with Ki-woo back in his own basement, just as imprisoned as his father but by economic circumstances rather than legal ones. Then he arrives at the backyard party and stabs Ki-jeong (Park So-dam). The police couldn’t find Ki-taek, but Ki-woo has a theory about his father’s whereabouts. Feeling guilty, the Kim family decides to check on Moon-gwang and her husband. 2 users explained Parasite Eve meaning. He’ll spend the rest of his life living in that home. The year 2019 was a very exciting and transformative time for Bong Joon-ho’s Parasite. Like parasites, the Kim family worms their way into the host body (in this case, the Parks’ home) and destroys everything from inside to take over. Pierce Carradine gave Aya and Eve passes to the museum, implying that Kyle and Pierce contacted each other and wanted Kyle's appearance to be a surprise. As this article discusses the Parasite ending, expect major spoilers. This allows the Kims the freedom to enjoy the home. Bong Joon-ho has crafted a complex tale about the pursuit of upward mobility and all the shackles the class system brings. They may be conniving and duplicitous, but they don’t expect others to do their jobs for them, which is more than can be said for the Parks. It’s revealed that Moon-gwang’s husband has been living in a secret bunker within the Park house. Ki-woo has a brain injury and criminal record. He fatally stabs Dong-ik and then runs out of the party. The ending haunts you because of its brutally honest take on the current state of affairs. One of the main themes that plays out in the end is the idea of imprisonment. Another possible parasite is hope. We’re brought back into reality by the closing shots of the film, not of Ki-woo in the house freeing his father as part of a victorious montage. Jeff also weighs in on the 'Our Friend' trailer and the rumor about Joaquin Phoenix working with Ari Aster. It would be extremely challenging for him to build something or work his way up in society, especially to the degree of wealth that could afford that home. Granted, he could just turn himself in, but then he’d just be in another prison or he’d get the death penalty, so he may as well stay in the basement. Usually, it becomes most popular on December 24th (as this is when Parasite Eve begins on Day 1) and ends on December 29th (Day 6), with the daily goal of playing each \"day\" in the game per day. Finally, the family gets rid of the Parks’ housekeeper, Moon-gwang (Jeong-eun Lee), by making her seem sickly due to a peach allergy, which paves the way for the Kims’ mother, Chung-sook (Hye-jin Jang), to get the gig. Hope ultimately leads to Ki-woo and the Kim family ending up in a worst situation than their original one.

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