In this instance, the word ‘pudding’ also refers to the fact that the dish is cooked by boiling or steaming it in something. Sieve the pig's blood, into a large container, to remove any clots. Then stir in the oatmeal, white pepper, … Add the sweated back fat and the fried onions to the blood. In their original form the sausages are produced as 3 inch or 4 inch diameter (7.6 and 10.2 cm) cylindrical “sausage-shaped” puddings, varying in length from 18 cm to 50 cm and in … In the case of this figgy pudding recipe, it is a pudding basin. Not only does ‘pudding’ mean the same as ‘dessert’ which could refer to any dessert at all, ‘pudding’ also refers to a specific type of dessert. Mix in well.

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