Some of them are listed here: Make sure that you follow the solutions from the top and work your way down effectively. According to the reports from users, OBS capture windows black issue often appears while they are trying to capture Chrome window. Superior record of delivering simultaneous large-scale mission critical projects on time and under budget. Restart your computer. OBS Studio is an open source software which allows users to stream their games or screens professionally. It allows you to capture screens with audio for free on Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. There were several cases where simply power cycling solved OBS black screen instantly. Right-click on each entry and exit the application. After you are absolutely sure that no program is running the background, run OBS again and check if the issue is resolved. Now check if the issue is resolved. Successfully log in with the Administrator account > Launch File Explorer > navigate to the C drive . Make sure that you follow them according to your case. Happy troubleshooting! Another workaround to consider is changing some specific settings of OBS. OBS has a setting of Multi-adapter compatibility which is meant for computers involving SLI or Crossfire technology. To conclude, we can safely say this is a bug in OBS and you have to enable multi-adapter compatibility whether or not you have SLI/Crossfire. Enabling this feature seemed to have fixed the issue of black screen in OBS instantly. Once in the application manager, search for OBS, right-click on it and select, Select both options (one of them will be preselected) and click on. Right-click on it and select. If the black screen problem is still there in OBS Studio, maybe you should get another screen recorder to replace it. What is wrong here? Before we move on directly to the tips, tricks, and hacks to fix the “OBS Game Capture Black Screen’ issue, you can check out the main causes of the error: Follow the step by step process to fix the OBS Display Capture Black screen problem on Windows 10: Performing this action will temporarily remove all the configurations: STEP 2- Carefully unplug the battery > Hold & press the Power button for a few seconds. Now navigate to OBS Studio’s official website and download the latest version from there. Microsoft’s Surface Pro 8 and Surface Laptop 4 Latest Images Leak Online Confirming Specifications And Dimensions? It does not matter what mode you select for the recording window out of options like Display, Window, or Game Capture; you cannot go ahead of the OBS studio black screen. Since OBS is in effect sharing all your content and computer usage online, it is essential that you have granted it administrator rights. Keep in mind that we may receive commissions when you click our links and make purchases. After you have made changes to the settings of OBS, restart it and check if you can stream your screen/games properly without any issues. Apply changes and exit. Most of the people go through the trouble of OBS black screen or OBS studio black screen while streaming live with OBS. How To Remove Unwanted Apps And Redundant Files From Your Computer? Sometimes the most easiest fix for the OBS black screen is to go right click on the black screen. After it reaches the optimal temperature, its clock speed is increased again and the cycle continues. STEP 2- Select the OBS display capture option. You should also check your taskbar for any extra applications running in the background. Check if it’s still showing the annoying black screen error. Another reason why you might be experiencing the black screen on your OBS software is that you have additional software running in the background which is also related to screen capture and video recording. Haven’t shut down your PC in a long time? An issue has plagued OBS for quite some time where users experience a ‘black screen’ when trying to share their screens online. STEP 1- Successfully log in with the Administrator account. Navigate to the NVIDIA Control Panel > go to Manage 3D settings & hit the Program Settings. What is hkcmd.exe? It has platforms for both macOS and Windows operating system. OBS Studio allows you to capture the footage from any Windows on your computer and this feature is often used in gaming. STEP 4- Click on the OK button, followed by Apply to implement the changes. What Is Wuauclt.Exe And How To Fix Wuauclt.Exe High CPU Usage? Save changes and exit. Save changes and exit. You can download Restoro by clicking the Download button below. Now right-click on your C drive (or whichever drive is set as your main operating system disk) and select, Once in the application manager, search for any recording software which you might have installed on your computer. Before we start troubleshooting extensively, it is worth power cycling your computer. If it doesn’t, revert the setting back to default and move on with the other solutions.

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