National Aeronautics and Space Administration The Engineering Design Process (EDP) • Project Definition – meet with stakeholders, define the mission objective(s), understand the problem. Prioritize the objectives mentioned in the list. Be able to describe and apply a 5-step engineering design process 3. 1 Engineering Design Process Objectives 1. ENGINEERING DESIGN PROCESS. A Block Diagram showing Objective Tree. Objective tree is a technique to transform the vague design statements into more specific customer requirements. You can edit this Block Diagram using Creately diagramming tool and include in your report/presentation/website. Design objectives are the functional and non-functional qualities of a design. 3rd Edition. Draw the objective tree with hierarchy and interconnections. Objectives serve to guide the design process and measure your results. Be able to understand the principles and basic tools of engineering design process 2. These are often stated as goals for what a design is meant to achieve. The diagram enables to think about choices among feasible objectives, and points out extremely ambitious or unrealistic objectives. Procedure to draw an objective tree includes: Furnish the list of design objectives. Engineers start by clearly defining the problem – like how to support a walkway that will connect two buildings 50 feet above the ground – and formulating different ideas and approaches to a solution. The Objective Tree diagram can help to show that not all objectives are reachable in a certain time frame, and some are not even reachable till certain conditions are met. • Requirements Definition and Engineering Specifications – carefully and thoughtfully develop requirements that will guide the design creation to HAIK. In this activity, students will be creating an engineering challenge for a friend or themselves using specific design constraints. An Engineering Challenge. Engineering design goals focus on problems through the application of creative thinking using scientific and mathematical principles. Objective tree helps in analyzing the problems and braking down the objectives for the problems in the manageable sub-parts, this is why it is called that it is derived for the project handling tool named problem analyzing tree. The following are the basic types of design objectives. Be able to identify and use specific tools of engineering design process in various design stages 2 What is Engineering?

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