If something won't power up, test it with another outlet or socket that you know functions properly. Dolby Digital or DTS multi-channel sound is not reproduced. Inspect and test each of the wires leading from the receiver/amplifier to the speakers, paying close attention to damage and/or loose connections. Speakers have been perfectly placed; all the cables have been meticulously connected; each piece of equipment has been switched on. Make sure that the right one(s) are enabled and check that the correct source has been selected, too. *For the detail of TV settings, please contact to the TV manufacturer. If a source component still doesn't play properly, then your problem is most likely there. It worked for me for few minutes but the again no sound. with another working TV and/or set of speakers. I saw a solution on youtube which suggested that if you heat a particular chip for few minutes, it starts working. Increase the volume on the receiver or cancel muting. If sound is still not output or if sound is interrupted, connect the optical digital cable (not supplied). All other inputs have sound without any issues. If applicable, try selecting a different size (small or large) speaker. Test whatever source component(s) you are using (e.g., CD player, DVD/Blu-ray, turntable, etc.) Confirm that the speaker wire connectors have been properly installed and are inserted far enough to make good, steady contact with the speaker terminals. Many receivers have a Speaker A and Speaker B switch to toggle connected/extra speakers. If your speaker has no AUX port and only Bluetooth works but your projector is not a Bluetooth one, use a Bluetooth transmitter for projectors. You will be able to use the speaker with the TV and no receiver was required. Added a picture. The iTeknic Bluetooth 5.0 Receiver Transmitter will enable your projector to become a Bluetooth projector, it will be able to send audio to your Bluetooth speaker using this device. Check the power. Make sure that all plugs are firmly seated in their respective sockets; sometimes a plug can slip out halfway and not draw power. Increase the volume level of the speakers. Take the opportunity to practice some troubleshooting skills. What Is the Amazon Echo Input and How Does It Work? Perform a Test Tone operation to verify that all speakers are working. however, there is no sound on the speakers which are connected to the amp, only sound is on the tv. Connecting audio-visual devices and the antennas (aerials), Connecting devices with jacks other than HDMI jacks, Digital audio formats supported by the receiver, 5. If still no sound output from the AV Receiver/Sound Bar even after checking above points, please confirm if the AV Receiver/Sound Bar and the TV have the HDMI Control function. Leave the volume down low, lest you blast your ears once the audio is playing fine again. I know the receiver and speakers work because I used them back when I still had cable TV. How to Connect a Subwoofer to a Receiver or Amplifier, What to Do When the Subwoofer Isn't Working Properly, How to Install and Set Up a Home Theater Receiver, How to Connect iOS or Android Devices to Stereo Systems, Home Theater Receivers and the Multi-Zone Feature. If the receiver works with some input sources but not others, the problem could be with the cable(s) connecting the component(s) and the receiver. Hi, my Onkyo HT-R290 is not getting any sound to the speakers. Check the speakers. The receiver does not turn off even when the TV is turned off. If not, the audio will be very difficult to hear using a Surround Sound setting. Set Surround Sound to OFF when playing a source that is not encoded with a Surround Sound signal. Image does not appear on the TV screen when the receiver is not turned on. Switch input of the receiver to [ TV ]. Tried to connect the cable box to another input like dvd or blu ray - no sound. Now the TV audio will transform to the amplifier and then the speaker. It's easily overlooked, but all it takes is an accidental bump or press of a finger on a remote to mix things up. Confirm that all units (including any power strips or surge protectors) in the system are able to turn on. The home menu does not appear on the TV screen. If i turn my audio tv out to ON, it works through the tv speakers, off-no sound from anywhere. Usually the first thing I do was to connect a speaker at the output jack to see if the sound really not present. If the TV is not compatible with Audio Return Channel (ARC), connect the receiver to the TV using an optical digital cable (not supplied) or audio cable (not supplied). No image is output from the TV screen when the receiver is in standby mode. And then nothing happens. Press the "Volume Up" button on the remote control that operates your audio receiver. diagnosing why one speaker channel won't work, turn off the power to the system and components, Speaker B switch to toggle connected/extra speakers, speaker wire connectors have been properly installed, 3.5 mm audio cable connected to a smartphone/tablet, receiver works with some input sources but not others. But without a receiver, how is the system to receive the sound? But don't throw that remote out of anger just yet. However, there is a condition. Many receivers have a Speaker A and Speaker B switch to toggle connected/extra speakers. This technique won't be fruitful if the speaker consume a high amount of power. Please check the setting of the synchronized operations is “ON” and the TV is set to output audio from the external speakers. Check the source component(s). The sound skips or fluctuates, or the connection is lost. See? A USB device cannot be connected to the USB port. The Control for HDMI function does not work properly. Oct 1, 2009 Q: I recently had a party, and one of my friends turned up the volume of my AV receiver … The receiver does not turn on even when the TV is turned on. All components connected to receiver, tv connected to zone 1 output. Check each speaker to make sure they are properly connected to the A/V receiver. I used hair dryer to do that. The receiver is turned off automatically. No sound coming out from the receiver. It's easily overlooked, but all it takes is an accidental bump or press of a finger on a remote to mix things up. By Joel Johnson. No digital audio when connected with an optical or digital coax cable . If your A/V receiver has an Auto Calibration function, try using it to setup the appropriate sound settings. For more details, see our Privacy Policy. If the receiver is on "Mute," it will not allow sound to travel to your speakers. Inspect the bare ends to ensure that enough insulation has been stripped off. Boom Speaker provides some simple alternatives to enjoy your movie if the TV has no audio output. The RDS information that you want does not appear (for European and Asia-Pacific models only). Now, on one of the HDMI inputs marked "VIDEO" (but not the BD, BD/DVD inputs) the hdmi light stopped flashing, and theTV produces video and sound, but only stereo. How to Fix Your Broken AV Sound System Receiver: Tech Clinic. If the sound comes normally, please change other HDMI cable. Check the speaker/source selection. No sound or only a very low level of sound is heard, no matter which device is selected. TV sound cannot be heard from the speakers connected to the receiver. Quite often it can be the simplest, silliest reason (you might get a chuckle out of it later on) as to why the system stopped working or wasn't working from the get-go. Step 3 The sound is output from both the receiver and the TV. Turning up the "Volume" automatically takes the receiver off "Mute," so you can check to see if this is the problem. If still sound is not heard after adjusting all these settings, set the Input Mode of the AV receiver to Auto. When the receiver is connected with a TV compatible with Audio Return Channel, make sure the receiver is connected to an ARC-compatible HDMI input jack of the TV (refer to the supplied Startup Guide). Check the speaker wires. If possible, connect the speakers to another known working audio source in order to ensure that they still operate properly. Toggle through each input selection/source on the stereo receiver/system (e.g., AM/FM tuner, 3.5 mm audio cable connected to a smartphone/tablet, digital input, video 1/2/3 inputs, etc.) The process can seem a little intimidating, but not if you proceed carefully and methodically to rule out each possibility. Tried to change the hdmi cable - no difference. When the language for the on-screen display of the TV is changed, the on-screen display language of the receiver is changed simultaneously. Increase the volume on the receiver or cancel muting. You can opt-out at any time. Troubleshooting a stereo system – similar to diagnosing why one speaker channel won't work – that is not producing sound begins by isolating the problem.

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