What can cause this, please, and what can I do? It may be too early to worry. Roy You are not retarded! The Grumpy Gardener advises to fertilize camellias lightly, saying, "Feed with an acid-forming azalea or camellia fertilizer in spring, after the flowers have dropped; fertilize again in the midsummer if growth seems sluggish or foliage looks sparse and begins to lose its deep green color." Certain types of camellias produce an excessive number of buds … Why Are the Camellia Buds Falling Off?. With camellias, it’s best to avoid extremes of any kind. QUESTION: The buds on my camellia won't open. Camellia buds will drop with overfeeding, a drastic change of temperature, or when the plant is too wet or too dry. Q: Our camellia's loaded with blooms, but they don't open. What's up? 3. Is there anything I can do? This is a common issue in camellia shrubs. Thanks! Every year my camellia puts out a bunch of buds but they never open. I was just making sure I saw what I thought I saw. Answered by shelley on March 19, 2015 Certified Expert A. Winter protection for camellias in temperate climates By Jennifer Trehane Camellias, especially most varieties of C. japonica, can tolerate surprisingly low temperatures in winter, particularly if they are sheltered from cold winds during relatively short spells of 3 or 4 days of below freezing conditions and have had a chance to become dormant. -- Claire PriceANSWER: This is a common problem in camellias. Why are buds are dropping off of my plant? What are these odd, pear-shaped structures on my camellia bush? The bush is healthy, and we have used an acidifying fertilizer. Premature bud drop isn't always a sign of dark days for your camellia (Camellia Spp.). Although most plants bloom just fine, I … My camellia had lots of new leaf buds but NO flower buds.

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