It's the width that's too small. Thanks! They’re very soft. 0. These are cute but I did not realize the laces were so wide/far apart. The back of the show rubs on the Achilles tendon. Would definitely buy again. These are very cute, stylish shoes and I'm sad to have to return them. 10 % 2 Rated 2 stars out of 5. Second, the lacing system is odd. Great price & perfect fit! We'd love to learn more about your shopping experiences on and how we can improve! 7.9 score [Editors rating (7.9)] = (WalkJogRun) score (7.9)/ 10. I’d say these shoes are more for show than functionality. It's tough to judge the fit because length is ok. Look so sharp, too! These are such sharp looking sneakers. I wear them to the gym and they feel great. They are very stylish, although there are a few things I wish could be better. Get lots of compliments on them. Review Breakdown: 50 % 5 Rated 5 stars out of 5. This shoe is as hard as a rock. Read Nike Air Max Bella TR 3 product reviews, or select the size, width, and color of your choice. But they look really terrible on one's feet. They feel true to size, but are narrow. Unfortunately I had to send them back. 7.9. They are comfortable and flexible. Loved these shoes until the bottom started to peel off after 4 weeks of wear! Love these sneakers! I love the aesthetic of the colors and material too much to get them filthy in my outdoor bootcamp while they are brand new, but afterwards my tired feet are so happy to spend the day in these very supportive shoes. I wanted to love these shoes but even though they're listed as a wide (D) width, they're still a bit narrow in the tow box for my fat little feet and don't seem as though they'd offer much lateral support during a boot camp, HIIT class. I love these shoes. Super uncomfortable. However, I like the tongue-less design - it makes getting the shoes on and off a breeze. 5 % 1 Rated 1 stars out of 5. It feels like they are hugging my narrow feet - in a good way. So, in spite f the comfort, I'm returning them. Comfortable. We'd love to learn more about your shopping experiences on and how we can improve! The material has some stretch and that helped. I wear them for weight training. The lacing is wider than the average shoe and makes the feet look extra wide and chunky. 15 % 3 Rated 3 stars out of 5. Rating Summmary: 34 total reviews. Not too much white showing - great for summer wear! Wore them for the first time today and already received many compliments on them. I don't find they have enough arch support to workout in, but they would look good in your gym selfies. There was absolutely no cushioning in these shoes. They're more a medium. unfortunately I can't return them now that I've worn them to work a couple times to discover how terrible they really are. I am a size 7 and these fit perfect. Great comfortable shoe that can be worn to work and even transfer to workout. Using them for outside aerobic classes. These have become my favorite pair of black casual shoes to go with all my outfits. I stick to nike as my number one athletic shoe an now I will turn else where. The toe box is very roomy and the way that the laces cinch the sides up is great, because I can loosen the laces to give my high arch some extra room. 15 % 4 Rated 4 stars out of 5. The insoles are not removable, so I'm not sure if I can add my own inserts, or if that would make the insole too 'tall'. I do an hour of crossfit 3 times a week and the bottoms have peeled off, so disappointed in the poor quality of this all around "training" shoe. They also seem very comfortable so far, and I’m sure they’ll be perfect for day to day wear out and about, which is what I wanted them for. I love the look of this shoe. I range between a 9.5-10 and I got a 10 and it feels pretty much perfect. They’re good for both. The insole is comfortable but the exterior is a bit strange. Love them!! But they are great for working out at home and are going to take some getting used to. Nike got this one right and I will buy it in more colors. Even after wearing them to work for a few days in a row they never started to break in or mold to my feet. In love! Very uncomfortable with very little cushion. These are marked wide width but are still too narrow. The design makes the shoe weirdly loose even if laced tightly, so it's not suited for running or mountain climbers because it doesn't cup the heel well. First, there is almost no arch support. Customer Fit Survey: 71 %" Felt true to size " Super cute. Great shoes for the price. I ordered a second pair I love them so much . Love these shoes. Nike Air Bella TR; Review Summary; Customer Reviews Nike Air Bella TRWrite a Review. I purposely bought these shoes a little big as they are my second pair of shoes for working out. I love Nike usually but they missed the mark on this shoe. Customer Reviews Nike Air Max Bella TR 3Write a Review. So cute & comfortable! I wanted a pair of indoor workout shoes (fitness classes and weight lifting) and these fit the bill. The toe box felt wider, but the rest of the shoe feels like a "normal" fit. I am several pair of Nikes, and they are all stylish and super comfortable. © 2009–2020 - LLC or its affiliates. Customer Fit Survey: 85 %" Felt true to size " The shoes can lace only one way and because of that, it makes it difficult to adjust the tightness. This shoe is not good for walking, hate I wore them rubbed the back of my ankle. The Air-Sole unit was first used in 1978 in the Air Max 1 and has since featured in quite a few of the brand’s best footwear. Review Breakdown: 50 % 5 Rated 5 stars out of 5. All around really cute and comfy! Also, there was a lot of gapping on the sides. There’s some stiffness in the upper area of the shoe. These are, indeed, very comfortable shoes, which allow your toes to spread in the front of the shoe. Air Max Bella TR 3 by Nike at Nikes needs to accommodate more women's wide feet, in my opinion, so I did size up and that seemed to work. 20 % 3 Rated 3 stars out of 5. 6 % 2 Rated 2 stars out of 5. These are still true to size, but they are not as tight as the other versions. Rating Summmary: 20 total reviews. On the down side, they are bulky looking under some jeans. They are completely flat in the bottom and hard as a rock. I bought these shoes for work but ended up wearing them for the gym. The highlights of the Nike Air Bella TR … They say they are a 6m, but they are so wide that my feet just spread out in them. I do not wear these shoes for serious working out, but more for casual days. I’ve had the TR1 and TR2 in the past. They are true to size unlike most nikes ... I’m a true 9.5 and that’s what I ended up keeping. Nike Air Bella TR Review. I'd love to buy them in another color when my size is available. © 2009–2020 - LLC or its affiliates. Love love love these . this pair however is one of the most uncomfortable pairs of shoes I've ever owned. They had good comfort but were just too small. 3 % 1 Rated 1 stars out of 5. Perfect sizing. They are comfortable and easy to to get on/off. Great for plyo workouts! The way the laces are so wide-set across the top of the shoe do make your feet look a bit wide, but I don’t mind. Air Bella’s are my favorite training shoe. My feet look like sausages! They are sharp.

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