Such noise is the source of distress for wildlife. Leaving a signature “M+A=Love” on a stone or a statue is vandalism, as well as making a graffiti in a national park. The same situation is repeated once more. They include the depletion of local natural resources as well as pollution and waste problems. It’s not only about how we travel, but it’s also how we live back home. Wastewater carrying sewage from such areas often pollutes nearby water bodies. To satisfy the needs of the tourists often the locals need to change their traditional style of life. New areas of land need to be cleared for new hotels and roads. Businesses tend to open more hotels for accommodating an increasing number of visitors that might require the clearing of the virgin land. Nowadays, anywhere you go you can always find McDonald’s, KFC and other famous food chains. When the tourist industry active in the region crosses the legal and ethical barriers to earn more profit, it can lead to massive degradation of the environment in the area. So it’s important to raise awareness about these issues. Now it’s a town bustling with nightlife. Even the Mount Everest is not free of human-generated waste. By Oishimaya Sen Nag on October 11 2018 in Environment. Animals lose their natural habitat and have to move to a new location. They have to adjust their schedule or even a route, to avoid the tourist crowds. Now the villages are being rebuilt and tourists are slowly coming back, but the numbers are still low compared to pre-disaster time. For example, Langtang Valley in Nepal used to be the 3rd biggest region for trekking after Everest and Annapurna. Another negative side of heavy traffic is the air pollution caused by exhaust gases. When you stay in someplace, obviously you use local resources. Positive Economic Effects of Tourism. What Effects Do Aerosol Cans Have On the Environment? Tourism brings prosperity to the region and provides employment to the locals of the region. You use water and electricity, you get a vehicle to move around, you eat local food and buy produce. First of all, it’s plastic waste, such as water bottles, takeaway containers, different packaging, plastic bags, etc. What Are The Effects Of A Drought On The Environment? And before we can learn how to travel sustainably, we need to understand what damage exactly we can cause when we go on another vacation. Before it was a small village on the island, where people used to go to bed with the sunset. Such trampling can lead to reduced plant vigor, breakage of stems, reduced regeneration, etc. We keep forgetting about this, but tourism puts enormous stress on local land use and can lead to soil erosion. 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The first one to disappear would be probably fresh underground water. This is why it’s so important for everyone to learn to travel responsibly and in an eco-friendly way. And the food is such an important part of any culture. Rampant construction of tourist facilities like hotels, cafes, restaurants, etc., in an area without proper arrangement for safe disposal of sewage, can lead to disastrous consequences. Boracay in the Philippines is a great example of what can happen to a paradise when it becomes a victim of overtourism and how responsible government should fix the situation. All the negative effects of unsustainable tourism cause irreparable damage to an area and the people. Therefore if too many people stay in one place, over time the local resources get depleted. What Are The Negative Effects Of Sand Mining? And unfortunately, some places don’t have any cleaning systems in place, and the sewage waters go into the ocean untreated. In such areas, the local flora and fauna might be deprived of the resources needed to sustain their lives. This can degrade the quality of water and decrease the volume of water that is available for the local population, plants, and animals. Environmental issues: Although tourism as an industry is least polluting, it still can cause significant damages to the environment. Sometimes tourists damage historical monument or natural landmarks. They involve beatings, scaring animals with loud noises, breaking their spirit, keeping them chained, etc. */. Unsustainable practices by the tourism industry can thus lead to deforestation, sand erosion, loss of species, changes in sea currents and coastlines, destruction of habitats, etc. In many places, buses or other vehicles leave their motors running to ensure that tourists return to comfortable air-conditioned vehicles. The choices of the tourists can help to preserve nature and wildlife, and on the contrary, it can put the animals into suffering and extinction. Unfortunately, a large number of landmarks has been already destroyed by negligent tourists. However, tourism often disturbs this delicate balance and creates a great disaster in the ecosystem. If you want to have an ethical wildlife experience, check out these tips which will help you to find one. However, an earthquake of 2015 completely destroyed the valley, burying the whole villages under the landslides and rubble. In some areas, the buildings sink in the ground under their own weight. In Asia, it would be an elephant safari. Many people participate in such activities because they actually love animals and want to get closer to them. And in South Africa, it’s popular to take pictures with lion cubs. According to estimates, cruise ships in the Caribbean produce over 70,000 tons of waste annually. Often, noise generated by tourist activities for long-term alters the natural activity patterns of animals. Waste disposal problem is a significant contributor to the degradation of the environment. Tourists vehicles entering and leaving natural areas create a lot of noise. Heavy traffic affects both tourists and locals. This is exactly what happened to Egypt after a series of unfortunate events (revolution in 2011, a military coup in 2013 and a series of airline disasters). Both light and sound pollution create an adverse environment for the animals that live in that area, pushing them away from their original habitat. This is one of the inevitable negative effects of tourism. This is one of the extreme examples of human traffic congestion. Often animals get into a conflict with people when protecting their territory or looking for food. Responsible Travel Shops are supplied with products for tourists, hotels are designed and built in a “western” style, small family restaurants become pubs because of the demand. Some trails in the Himalayas and the Andes have been nicknamed the "Toilet paper trail” or the "Coca-Cola trail,” referring to the garbage left behind on such trails. It’s important to do some research about the norms and traditions of every new place you go to. However, now you can enjoy the tomb of Tutankhamun all to yourself. And on top of that, we have circuses, oceanariums and just street vendors where animals participate in shows to entertain the tourists. Even the anchorage of cruise ships to coral reefs can degrade large sections of the reef. Irresponsible tourists often litter the tourist spots visited by them. Every ecosystem works on a delicate natural balance. Slowly, the local restaurants start catering more to foreign tourists, cooking the “western” meals instead of local cuisine. While it’s good for the business owners, this can negatively affect the locals. The cleaning systems have to process a much bigger amount of sewage waters. If untreated sewage water is dumped into the ocean, it negatively affects marine life. And when you get to the place, you have to wait in line to get a pic in the spot you dreamt about. And local people have no choice but to adapt. This can degrade the quality of water and decrease the volume of water that is available for the local population, plants, and animals. If you are in New York, you know that it’s better to avoid Times Square as it’s packed with people and cars.

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