At present, China does not have national flower, however Peony is widely considered one the front runners in the Chinese national flower contest. While many associate the blossom with Japanese culture, it was actually made the official national flower of the People’s Republic of China in 1964. In traditional Chinese culture, chrysanthemums represent nobility and elegance. Indeed, the plum blossom has already been named China’s national flower — by the Republic of China government in 1928. National flower The plum blossom, Prunus mei, was officially designated by the ROC Executive Yuan to be the national flower on July 21, 1964. Currently, the Republic of China on Taiwan designates the plum blossom as the national flower, while the People's Republic of China has no legally designated national flower. This flower is a symbol of resilience and perseverance in the face of adversity due to it often blooming vibrantly in the harsh winter snow. The plum blossom, which has shades of pink and white and gives off a delicate fragrance, has great symbolic value for the … In 1994, the peony was proposed as the national flower after a nationwide poll, but the National People's Congress failed to … Most Favorite Flowers . National flowers thus, are important elements which, in a way, symbolize the nation as a whole. Red Rose: National Flower of Turkmenistan; Rose: National Flower of USA; Daffodil Flower: National Flower of Wales; Plum Blossom: National Flower of Taiwan National symbols of China represent the identity of its nation. These flowers can bloom for a long time. Did you know that the national flower of China is the plum blossom? 3. In a recent vote on China's national flower, the peony won with absolute dominance. Find all national symbols of China with their scientific name of national animal, national bird, national fruit, national tree, national flower. Every country has its own criteria to choose their national flower. Advocates justified the choice by citing the plum blossom’s ability to survive the winter frost and its resilient nature — both traits the Nanjing-seated government saw as symbolic of the Chinese people’s own ability to endure hardship. The final decision for the National Flower of China is expected by the impending 2008 Beijing Olympics and 2010 Shanghai World Expo. According to a survey conducted in 1994 the most popular and honored flower in China is Tree Peony flower, whereas people also … Chrysanthemum (菊花) Chrysanthemums was originated in China and are well liked by Chinese. Plum Blossoms - China. The staff said it's time to set the national flower for China as this year marks the 70th anniversary of the founding of the People's Republic of China, and people are getting happier and wealthier. The Plum Blossom became the official National Flower of the Republic of China by the Executive Yuan in July of 1964.

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