The myq cover platform lets you control MyQ-Enabled garage doors through Home Assistant. That SmartApp merges the data from that sensor and the open/close control via the MyQ APIs to emulate a single "Garage Door" device in Smart Things. This evening my garage door opened for no reason or automation trigger. To add MyQ cover to your installation, go to Configuration >> Integrations in the UI, click the button with + sign and from the list of integrations select MyQ. 17 votes, 33 comments. Each Hub can control up to two garage door openers. Device names in Home Assistant are generated based on the names defined in your MyQ Device mobile app. Page 1 INTERNET GATEWAY USER’S GUIDE ® Featuring MyQ Technology ® This User’s Guide will help you get the most from your LiftMaster enabled ® ® products when using a smartphone, tablet, or computer to monitor and control your garage door opener, gate operator, light controls, or other MyQ enabled products. I would recommend deleting your MyQ Device before running this, the code is very different. The MyQ setup involves installing a sensor on the door that detects whether the door is open or closed and transmits that data to the MyQ WiFi Hub. Each sold separately. I think deleting the device first would be wise. Ever since that MyQ Lite hasn't worked and returns an … This message is an indication that the battery in the door sensor is low and the battery needs to be replaced. IMPORTANT: Requires purchase of either the first generation myQ Garage™ (Models MYQ-G0201 and 821LM) or second generation myQ® Smart Garage™ Hub (Models MYQ-G0301 and 821LMB). myQ App Shows Low Battery. This is what I'm using. Replace the battery in your door sensor and then it can take up to 6 cycles of activating the garage door opener to clear the low battery message from the app. Configuration. This was a very quick and dirty port but it appears to be working for me. Hub is not connected to the MyQ server, no green LEDHub is too close to the motor unitGarage door opener is not workingIssue with the door sensor Hub is not connected to the MyQ server, no green LED If your router has no power or lost connection to the internet, the Wi-Fi Hub cannot communicate with the router to receive any commands. I have a standard SmartThings multi-sensor setup in "Garage Door" mode stuck to the door. Alright folks, can you give GitHub - dcmeglio/hubitat-myq: Integrate SmartThings with MyQ a try? Again I only really tested the sensor version.

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