I am sure that this industry is my passion. Special education teacher interview essay. Some dreams and aspirations remain intact even as we grow and we work hard to achieve them. And they face lots of fatal diseases. That’s why we are sharing some amazing essays on my dream in 200, 300, 400, 500, and 600 words for students of class 1-12. As kids, I also dreamt of becoming a scientist then as I grew I was fascinated by the Bollywood actors and wanted to become an actor however it was only when I completed my 12th standard that I realised that I had a technical bent of mind and decided to get into engineering. Your dream motivates you; provides you the strength to face challenges and effort persistently towards its realization. It is rightly said, “Miracles start to happen when you give as much energy to your dreams as you do to your fears”. A dream is a thing that keeps us focused and dedicated to our life. But still, we have some productive goals and aims that are highly important to achieve. But I’m confident enough that I will make it. Dream big and overcome every obstacle to achieve the same! While there are a lot of loopholes in the India political system that has led to these problems however we cannot blame it all on the government. Most people forget about these relationships when they are doing well in life and only realise their need when they require someone to fall back on after failure. placement: 'Right Rail Thumbnails', I aspire to become a famous writer and wish to write and publish a novel one day. This is a good way to stay motivated towards achieving your goals. However, this does not dither me from following fashion blogs and websites to explore the world of fashion. I love a very easy and normal lifestyle. That is the power of dreams and thoughts and it is backed by the theory of the Law of Attraction. And I am a very serious and attentive student. My bookcase and shelves, desk, sofa, where I sleep, bedside-table, where I keep my … Remember, the day you so wanted to eat those delicious sweets and got back home only to see that your father has brought them for you without you even telling him about your wish? I am confident enough that I will get a chance at a good university. I want to make a difference in our education system. We were always taught, that we have to want more than we have. Today I am going to share my dream and my preparation. For instance, my dream is to become a fashion designer and I know that it would only be possible if I complete a course in Fashion Designing from a reputed institute and there is nothing much that I can do to speed up the attainment of my dream right now when I am still schooling. But it’s very tough and challenging to take admission in medical colleges. As a school student, I have a dream to fulfill in my life. My dream house would have at least six bedrooms, 4 bathrooms, walk-in closets, a mixture of carpet and hardwood floors, a huge kitchen, living roon, family room, and fireplace. I hope you will love it. I will be there to help my village people. Here are a few tips to keep you motivated: If ever you see yourself running out of energy and get too tired to follow the set goals it is time to remind yourself of your ultimate goal and the joy and pride you will experience as you achieve it. And then some go for higher education and some start working in different places. (adsbygoogle = window.adsbygoogle || []).push({});