Or they could last 5 years at 50 °F (10 °C). SHELF LIFE CHART: 3 years at 75° F — Shelf life of MRE cheese spreads can be extended to 5 years or more if kept in cool conditions, above freezing. TheEpicenter.com | Epicenter Supplies LLC. MRE DATE CODES: There is NO Expiration Date or Best By Date printed on MREs. MREs are packaged and designed to provide energy and nutrition for on-the-go situations, which makes MRE's an excellent choice for emergency food kits. Shelf life is dependent upon storage temperature. Amazon's Choice for mre cheese spread MRE Jalapeno Cheddar Cheese Spread - 24 Pack 4.6 out of 5 stars 90 $26.00 $ 26. Goes great with MRE Crackers and Snack Breads (sold separately). So you have an MRE and you’re wondering…is this thing still good? The shelf life of cream cheese is influenced by a variety of factors, such as the form of cheese, the processing method, packaging date, its exposure to heat, and how it is stored. As a result, we cannot show you the price in catalog or the product page. vs. eBay Auctions; MRE Shelf Life. But civilian and military MREs today no longer use freeze-dried components so their shelf lives follow the newer chart above. 384 Wallis Street #2 SHELF LIFE CHART 3 years at 75 F — Shelf life of MRE cheese spreads can be extended to 5 years or more if kept in cool conditions, above freezing. There are two parts to the TTI – an outer dark circle and an inner light circle. Overview; MRE Applesauce Longevity; MRE Cheese Spread Longevity; MRE Bag Design; MRE Reviews. But other MRE components might not fare so well over time. Please accept our apologies for the inconvenience. As long as the inner circle is still lighter than the outside circle, the MREs are supposed to be good. There are official answers and there are practical answers. For example, a Lot Date code of 6337 would read as "the 337th day of 2016" (or December 2, 2016). If you want to really be safe, don’t base your nutritional health on 10-year old MREs. Here’s the most current time and temperature chart as of 2010: Another MRE “Time and Temperature” chart like the one to the left can be found on the Internet. I’ve also heard 10 years if they’re stored in cool conditions. if (theYear < 1900) MRE products use a 4-digit production date code which identifies the date of packaging/manufacture, sometimes followed by a 4-digit production lot number (Julian date coding). As long as the individual MRE components aren’t damaged, punctured, (or swelling! MRE shelf life question - posted in Public House: I have an old box of MREs ( 10 yeqrs old I think) and while Im not going to eat the entrees, Im going through and saving the heaters, and a few other things. All MRE Menus Buying MREs Buying MREs US Govt. (Please refer to the MRE Shelf Life Chart  and Reading Product Date Codes in the Additional Info tab.). Or you’re wondering…how long do these things last? Note the color changes in the samples correspond with new shelf life chart. But for occasional eating or camping, you’re probably ok. If there is a second set of 4-digits, those identify the lot pack. If I had to guess, I’d say the cheese and fruits (non-dehydrated) won’t make it 6+ years but the peanut butter, crackers, pound cakes, nut cakes, etc. The corned beef hash was like any can of corned beef hash I’ve ever eaten. The first four numbers are the date of manufacture with the first digit identifying the "year" of production and the last three digits being the "day of the year of production." 3 years at 75° F — Shelf life of MRE cheese spreads can be extended to 5 years or more if kept in cool conditions, above freezing. JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. The DSCP (Defense Supply Center Philadelphia) did some time/temperature testing on these two items and were kind enough to provide the following pictures: Click on each picture for a full page showing all the various times/temperatures. Press the UPDATE TOTAL button to see your shipping discount, Magento Website Design by Watermelon Web Works, 3 to 5 Year Shelf Life at 75°F ‐ longer if kept in cooler conditions, MRE retort pouches are extremely durable and easy to store, Used ONLY for our newsletter subscription. All MRE Menus Buying MREs Buying MREs US Govt. Click here for the official info on the TTIs. I’ve eaten everything from one month old MREs to 11 year old MREs. Manufactured and shipped to us direct from U.S. Military MRE suppliers. Click here for the official info on the TTIs. Also mixes great as a sauce for macaroni. The shelf life ratings shown in the chart on the front of this paper were determined by taste panels -panels of … theYear=now.getYear() Officially, how long MREs last depends on how long and at what temperatures they are stored. This chart was developed in the 1980s when the MREs first came out and projects up to 130 months of storage at 60 °F.

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