The most heartfelt gifts are the ones that truly take us by surprise. With a virtually limitless selection and great deals on the biggest brands, you can find items that are more than just gifts. “My father came very close to … And to prove it, she tells us what he gave her on Christmas morning of 2015. Image: Lauren and her grandmother, Rosalie, affectionately known to everyone as Grama Ro. The first time I heard my best friend’s voice, calling from England to wish me a Merry Christmas.”, “My hearing aids are probably the dearest Christmas gift my parents have ever given to me. It contained a beautiful ‘old school’ Valentine's message -- one that we'd be hard-pressed to find inside a paper card these days. What I love about the mug … is that she recognized me as a 'Mom' -- her mom -- acknowledging that bond that she and I shared. this is what it’s really like to be a Hallmark holiday writer. An unexpected, long-awaited doll of Mrs. Beasley from “Family Affair.” Thank you Mikhaila, I love you.” Three weeks later, her mom passed away just shy of age 60. They gave Sarah self-confidence, the chance to embrace new friends and new places, the courage to take on new challenges and adventures. A framed telegram from the 1930s. Through her work and experiences, Sarah has learned that being able to hear the world and the people around us is as essential to the human experience as breathing. That’s why it was so meaningful when she opened a package shipped straight from Kansas and saw that inside was her own baby outfit from 35 years ago: dress, bonnet, and cute little socks made out of pink Swiss Dot (a sheer cotton fabric that is embellished with small dots). Through it all, Sheri was a fighter. And many of the photos from the shoots have been used by the St. Baldrick’s Foundation, a volunteer-powered charity committed to funding the most promising research to find cures for childhood cancers and give survivors long, healthy lives, and Alan posthumously became one of the five St Baldrick’s 2014 Ambassadors (he’ll forever be known as St. Baldrick’s Ambassador Alan) and still appears on their website, in their pamphlets, and at various of their events. I love to write, especially in a journal. My daughter is a very thoughtful and generous gift giver and has given me some of my most cherished gifts. I must have mentioned how much I loved it a million times over the years, and Dad never gave much indication that he heard me, so gradually I let it go and stopped hinting about it. Then, for Christmas, Jeff gifted me with what he called A Honeymoon a Month for 2016.” It included 12 places they’d never been to that they could explore together, and that’s what they did. I was used to this. The most meaningful Christmas gift I have received is angel wings for my baby sister. My mum a few years back got me an Anthony bourdain book a cooks tour for Christmas one year , I'm a massive fan of his and have visited lots of places he has . It's one of my most treasured possessions to this day.” “Jane Goodall is my hero. I play tennis and enjoy working out and had worn through nearly all my socks. She even got me a matching silver pen, inscribed with my first, last name and middle initial. Here, in the season of generosity, tales from O's friends and family about the greatest gifts of all. --Darlene Batrowny. “You can get it engraved in the city, Jenny,” her mom told her as they hugged. Image: Melissa and Alena, with the infamous lavender mug. In a show of faith, Judy booked a session, and although the sessions are normally just for kids, Elizabeth spent extra time with the Sanders family to get photos of them as a family. Here’s the story of a husband who’s been inspiring his wife’s creativity for more than 20 years now: Alexandria, Virginia’s Amanda Ponzar was 20 years old and engaged to the man to whom she’s still married. A leather journal with a personal inscription and matching pen. … We spent many hours together in his garage teaching me his craft, and they are some of my favorite memories. “I remember walking around, gazing at all this beautiful fabric but knowing I could never afford any of it if I was going to be able to afford Christmas gifts for my little boys.”. (Here are the signs of lupus you should know.) She also knows a thing or two about the gifts that go along with those struggles, including an actual gift she received from her mother that came just at the right moment to form a much-needed connection between her past, her present, and everything that lay in the future. Below, HuffPost readers share the most meaningful present they’ve ever received … The best gift I ever received is none other than my parents, given to me by God on my birthday. However, it was far more bittersweet than it might otherwise seem—because her father’s gift was intended to help her grieve the loss of Cat’s mom, who had passed away the previous spring. It was such an amazing surprise,” Paige says. It’s actually the seemingly simple action of being in synch with the people you love that produces the most heartwarming gifts and gestures. We made it easy for you to exercise your right to vote. How you miss—life. Then one sunny day, my father came home from work and asked me to go outside and get his tool kit from the back seat of his car. "My wedding was very small (only 30 guests, mostly family) so my girlfriends surprised … Marisa is the founder of LupusChick, a not-for-profit aimed at supporting and encouraging those with autoimmune disorders. It was so decadent to use a new pair of socks for every tennis match or workout for a full year. “We love to think of this as Alan photobombing from Heaven,” says Judy. Then one year it did come true. This past Valentine's Day, he gave me a framed telegram from the late 1930s. The reason it was so meaningful to me is because NO ONE had ever done such a simple act that had such a big impact on me.” Because my grandfather sent it to my grandmother -- with whom I am extremely close and who will be celebrating her 100th birthday in January -- when he was out of town one Valentine's Day long, long ago.” 2. That for me was the best gift I've ever received I took it to Vietnam with me and loved reading it as I was traveling the country that the book was set in . 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