Jesus was present at one of the meetings. The time has come for redemption. Moshiach convinced them of his authenticity by showing them various visions. What are we and what is our life? DovBear | A leading Jewish blog with posts on almost every topic 1) On March 17th, USA and Canada will begin to sink under the ocean's water! Why are we waiting. Save yourselves and your families! The BBC decided to take the case to the Queen (as Head of the Church) who conferred with her priests (including the Archbishop of Canterbury). King Moshiach warns Jews of the world: Immediately come to live in Israel! You are in a great danger! In this episode we will briefly discuss the incredible times we are living in and the significance that should have on all Jews. Rav Pinto continued: We must ignite the Holy sparks in the hearts of all the people of the world. All Jews should act as Mishiach. Moshiach is to be found in Israel. Pray for the benefit of all of HASHEM’S creations. “Moshiach is already here. The rabbi’s new announcement was explained in the Hebrew language website, Hidabroot.As an explanation, Rabbi Kanievsky quoted the words of the Jerusalem Talmud in Tractate Brachot (2: 4) and Midrash Rabbah on the Book of Lamentations (Chapter 1), in which it is stated that on the day of the Temple’s destruction, the Ninth of Av, the Messiah of Israel was born. Obviously, Moshiach didn’t come in 1948, but something else significant happened in that year. Multiplying David’s birth year by two gives us 5708, which was 1948 in the Gregorian calendar. Now what are you going to do about it? Since King David is in the middle position between Adam and Moshiach, doubling the year of his birth should tell us when to expect Moshiach. The condition of MoShIaCh is here. It is within our hearts. The Chatam Sofer said that this year, the year 5780 would be a satanic year, and that the year 5781 would be the year of the Moshiach,” explained Rav Pinto. Storm "Sandy" was only the slightest presentation of what will occur in Canada, USA, Europe and the whole world!The most painful blow will take place in USA and Canada! Here are his holy words: “Now is the month of Elul. Early 1986 - Moshiach met with officials at the BBC at the highest level multiple times. There’s a terrifying Chatam Sofer, a frightening Chatam Sofer [commentary]. Moshiach is here! Ask the tzaddikim hagadolim (the biggest tzaddikim), who are saying that the Moshiach is to be found in the North of Israel, and he’s flesh and blood, [it’s] a moment before pulling the trigger, before he is revealed to Am Yisrael. We must speak our prayers with the cinviction of Moshiach.

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