Release of Subject Combination Selection Exercise. Subject Combination: Co-Curriculum. School Achievements: Academic Achievements: CCA Achievements: Staff Achievements: Northbrooks Experience. Click here to view: Guide WRSS Sec 3 subject Combination Selection Portal. Click here for: 2020 3E Class and Subject Allocation – Combination A (3-3). proposed subject combinations that are offered in 2021 and the pre-requisites needed for certain subjects •To allow students to be aware of pre-requisites early so that they can plan ahead and set goals for their selection of Sec 3 subject combination at the end of the year Purpose of Briefing 6 All subject combinations must include 1 contrasting subject, taken at either H1 or H2 level. Some may want to pursue hybrid subject combinations (2 Science, 2 Arts subjects) including a mixture of Arts and Sciences, such as Chemistry, Math, Literature, Economics. FAQ about GMSS Subj Combi; OSS Briefing during Subject Combi Briefing Click here for: 2019 Step by Step Guide NA. If a student fails to obtain placement to a class of his/her choice, he/she will … There are also others who take up more uncommon contrasting subjects, such as Knowledge & Inquiry that can be used as a contrasting discipline for both streams. Guide to Subject Combination Exercise using AsknLearn Students can download the guide here to use AsknLearn to submit their subject combination. Click here for: 2020 3E Class and Subject Allocation – Combination B (3-1A) Subject Combination: Returning Singaporeans: JAE Appeals: PU1 Orientation: Financial Assistance Schemes: Bookshop & Uniform Information: MI Stories. Secondary 3 Subject Combination 2019 Secondary 3 Subject Combinations Briefing The Secondary 2 students and their parents attended a Secondary 3 Subject Combinations Briefing on 5 April to be aware of the various choices that are available to them when they are Secondary 3. Aljess Lee (Indian Cultural Society) Arabelle Ilankovan (Read with Me - Service Learning Club) Brendan … 60 Barker Road, Singapore 309919 | Tel: (65) 6256 1633 | Fax: (65) 6256 1366 | Subject Combination 2020 Secondary 3NT Copyright © Catholic Junior College 2015. All rights reserved. Procedure for the Subject Combination Selection Exercise 2.1 The placement of a student to a class will depend on his/her Secondary 2 End-of-Year Examination Results and choice of subject combination. CCA: Sexuality Education Programme: Student Leadership Programme 'Values-In-Action' in Northbrooks: Achievements. 2. Address Click here for: 2019 Step by Step Guide Express. This is a private page viewable only by selected users. JC1 KI students will offer 5H2 subjects (inclusive of KI) until the end of JC1 where the student will decide whether to keep KI and drop a H2 content subject totally or to drop KI and switch to GP and continue with the remaining content subjects. Subject Combi briefing 2020_ Exp; Subject Combi briefing 2020_ NA; Subject Combi briefing 2020_ NT . Northbrooks 20th Anniversary: DSA @ Northbrooks: Aggregate Computation for JC_MI_Poly_ITE; Entry Requirements to JC_MI_Poly_ITE . Sec 3 Subject Combinations for 2021_7 Oct 20 (Sec 2E)_Final.pdf: Secondary Two Normal Academic: Sec 3 Subject Combinations for 2021_7 Oct 20 (Sec 2NA)_Final (003).pdf: Secondary Two Normal Technical: Sec 3 Subject Combinations for 2021_7 Oct 20 (Sec 2NT)_Final (003).pdf •

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