Once cooked, these small sausages ooze lots of sweet paprika rich oil. ", "These mini chorizo are perfect for paella, chorizo pasta, and a tortilla española. Used these with chicken and shrimp. The fact they were all linked made cooking a breeze. You can also sauté the 'cantimpalitos' mini chorizos in Spanish vino for an authentic tapa. ", "NO seasoning, Not remotely Chorizo, Grocery store sells better Chorizo, Tried in two recipes including scrambled eggs... NO FLAVOR, no seasoning... DON"T Order", "These are so tasty. Great product. Tel: 01937 845 767 Email: info@bascofinefoods.com. I'd definitely repurchase! ", "Great Chorizo I've ever had, you can taste the pork and seasoning, awesome!!! There are about 40 per package. The ingredients in these are sooo good! Originally, Riojan Chorizo use to be produced in the mountain valleys of La Rioja due to the … Only down side is the cost of transport which places these products at the luxury end of any planned meal. ", "excellent! And what a great snack/tapa item! Chorizo was a long-time admirer of the sausage races at County Stadium and Miller Park, and was thrilled when he was called up to the Major Leagues in 2006 at the inaugural Cerveceros Day. Not every sausage that you add pimentón can be or should be called chorizo. Scottish Highlands & Islands £12.502 Days (AB31-35, AB41-54, AB36-38, AB55-56, FK17-21, HS1-9, IV1-63, KA27-28, KW0-14, KW15-17, PA20-78, PH15-18, PH19-29, PH32-33, PH45-48, PH30-31, PH34-44, PH49-50, ZE1-3). The key to a good Chorizo is Spanish Paprika, we use just the right amount of premium quality paprika to give our Mini Cooking Chorizo its signature taste. Very meaty. Bought it for several people for Christmas and they have all raved about it as well! * Percent Daily Values are based on a 2,000 calorie diet. We wrapped them in thinly sliced potatoes and deep fried them for chorizo stuffed potato chips! Sweet, smoky and delicious- I will definitely reorder! I haven't had sausages that would beat the La Tienda flavor ", "Fabulous and juicy these are the most tasty little sausages. Thank you. ", "I love your products, but I had to throw these out. Next Day Jersey (JE1-3) 2 Days (IM1), Channel Islands £17.50 Next Day Guernsey (GY1-8) Our Mini Cooking Chorizo comes in packets of 1kg with a three month shelf life. It is a very versatile ingredient to use in all types of cooking or cooking methods. we enjoy them at breakfast with eggs and scones. ", "Really, I expected them to be bigger because of the pan size but look at them compared to the grapes. The processing plant was called “La Gloria Riojana”. Proving that you can get good stuff in the supermarket. You can also sauté the 'cantimpalitos' mini chorizos in Spanish vino for an authentic tapa. Very tasty! There are so many ways to use them. "Excellent product in great shipping container", Isabella - Fort myers florida, FL November 2020, "A little bit on the acidic side flavor wise. Please note that we cannot refund the 10% discount if you forget to use it on your first order, you can always use it on your second! I have ordered other chorizo from other fine Spanish-American makers but this one works best for me. 2 Days (TR21-25), European Orders There are about 40 per package. ", "Fantastic in a paella -- good contrast to the snails and rabbit. This offer is not available in conjunction with any other offer, promotion or discount. La Tienda does not assume any liability for inaccuracies or misstatements about products. They come strung together for easy cooking on the grill. ", "Without question, it was the most delicious sausage I have ever eaten. There are hundreds of regional varieties of Spanish Chorizo, both smoked and unsmoked, containing garlic, herbs and other ingredients. ", Domingo - Los Angeles, California January 2013, Maria - Pittsburg, California January 2013, pjvoice - Santa Monica, California January 2013, Carlos - Murrysville, Pennsylvania January 2013, Alexia - Morristown, New Jersey January 2013, "We put several of these little sausages on squewers and grilled them about 4 minutes a side - Very good! 2 Days Sark & Alderney (GY9-10), Scilly Islands £17.50 ", "These chorizos pequenos are simply delicious! Great taste but too lean. These little chorizos are one of our most popular Spanish sausages. We ate them all in one sitting. Chorizo is a fiery competitor, taking an immense amount of pride in the work he puts in to be the best he can be. It lends a special flavor that is unique to Spain. The only problem: eventually we discover we have eaten ALL of them!!!!!! Wonderful", "These are outstanding! You should carefully read all information in the actual product packaging and labels, including for food allergen, nutrient content and qualified health claims before using or consuming a product. m Delivery £9.95For all orders below £60 within UK Mainland.£3.20 for all orders above £60 within UK Mainland. Don Jose was part of a large family and several siblings were dedicated to the manufacturing and sale of meat products. ", "The best chorizos, taste is espectacular ", "Just the right amount of spice for me. Best chorizo for families. 2 Days Sark & Alderney (GY9-10), Scilly Islands £17.50 Every order I make I make sure to get another bag. Pork, nonfat dry milk, dextrose, sea salt, Spanish paprika (pimenton), garlic, liquid smoke, spices, oleoresin of paprika, sodium nitrite, sodium erythorbate and lactic acid starter culture. ", André - San Francisco , CA December 2016, "Excellent flavor and easy to cook/grill. 2 Days (IM1), Channel Islands £17.50 You can also sauté the 'cantimpalitos' mini chorizos in Spanish vino for an authentic tapa. ", "gave as gift - love the fact it can be used in many ways", "Everyone loved the mini chorizo, great for tapas. ", "The BEST cooking chorizo I've had outside of Spain! The pimenton flavors are just right--a bit smokey and a bit sweet. Mild and fresh. Nice quality though. Everyone loved these at our party! It is also a respected company, with social responsibility and aware of its obligation to generate wealth and employment. The discount code can only be used once per customer. Riojan Chorizo is a variety of chorizo produced in La Rioja. The result in a softer sausage that retains moisture whilst becoming crispy – perfect for cooking! Made a hit at my tapas party! Moisture is lost during curing and maturation. ", "Excellent mini chorizos! ", Maria - Virginia Beach, VA November 2015, "Not cheap, but worth the price. ", "My first time buying chorizo, I found a recipe for Chorizo stew and it was Delicious!! Our favorite way to serve them is hot off the grill, speared with a toothpick - they are addictive! this is the second time I have bought these and everyone loves them. Oven cook - From Chilled. The size, the "chew" of the natural casing and the flavor combine to make this another item I order and reorder from La Tienda. At that time products derived from the raw pork and Don Jose would trade them in his hometown and closest villages. ", "My son love them, great for breakfast with some fried eggs..", Elbert - Saint Petersburg, FL February 2015, "I use these in lots of things -- paella, soup, and (wait for it) on pizza. Please note Standard Delivery can now take up to 5 working days for delivery. ", "I wouldn't be a repeat customer if I didn't love your products. My heritage is Spanish & have been to Spain often. ", "Loved the minis. ", StephanieC - Cedar Falls, IA November 2016, "Excellent product, as are most things from La Tienda. Everyone that has tried these has absolutely loved them. 2 Days (TR21-25), European Orders ", Philip - Rochester Hills, MI February 2013, "Very tasty. It is a very versatile ingredient to use in all types of cooking or cooking methods. My family will continue to enjoy them", "excellent for paella, excellent as a tapas cooked in hard cider. The mini links make a nice garnish for paella. I love the bite size pieces. Please change your country field on the checkout page to update your delivery charge, International Orders That said, they have so much flavor in each one that any bigger they wouldn’t be as good. Northern Ireland £12.50 Originally, Riojan Chorizo use to be produced in the mountain valleys of La Rioja due to the climate conditions which were perfect for the curing of Chorizo Sausage. A delicious little sausage.

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