Take the transport tube mentioned in Point #1, go down at the junction and in the room you come out in, go as far top right as you can to find your way up to this alcove. This theme that plays on that zone is a remix of Sonic CD’s Metallic Madness stage. Filters. Only Lyrics. Zone 1 is a simpler affair, with up to four routes stacked up, leading on their own linear paths to the right. SegaSonic The Hedgehog 7. Use the revolving device to go behind the shutters and run to the far right end. He'll remain in the middle, and the blades will stretch out to the top, bottom, left and right, allowing you to make your attack from either of the lower diagonal sides. As you go higher into the level, the background repeats and the dark red area and green pipes reappear. Sonic CD 140. If you wind up on the lower routes, you'll have to proceed across most of the zone before you're able to backtrack, which is a pain. I've heard of it in internet and I think it actually happens in the original Mega CD! The exact structure of routes and paths can change quite significantly across the different timezone variations, and in the Past and Futures, there are vast areas and long, but dead-end routes that occupy this middle space. Unlike the original MegaCD / SegaCD version, in the iPhone version you cannot stand on the ledge waiting for the crasher to rise and let you pass. Check the mic, yo, we'll break down this madness If not, you will have to return to the Present, in order to complete the zone. Looking an enemy I came to say "hey" and na-na-na-na RUN The machine is just a vertical spring away, but this route is a dead end, so you'll have to go all the way back through it afterwards. If it happens to be the Future for you though, then you've struck very lucky indeed, and can safely time travel away between the two springs, and there's also a ten ring box there too, so you could get caught in front of that, then have your choice of posts (remember to get the one you don't want first, then the one you do). A range of tricky platform features and nasty, spiky obstacles to encounter, with many objects exclusive to individual zones. Sonic The Hedgehog Chaos 35. I believe that it's possible if you're on the "front" plane of the level and you fall through the darker ground on the bottom path, but that's for discussion in the Stardust Speedway page! Still, this is a much longer and more enduring zone than what you've encountered throughout the rest of the game. While Zone 1's design was similar to Scrap Brain from Sonic 1, Zone 2 is designed more like a Sonic 3/Sonic & Knuckles level, where the routes remain separate much of the time, and they may tend to weave a long and intricate pattern, back and forth and up and down towards the end. The Present theme appears in an animation in compilation pack, Sonic Jam, in which Eggman runs amuck across a human city dressed in a highly unconvincing Sonic outfit, in order to frame our hero for various evil deeds. This works fine in the Sonic Gems Collection and PC versions of the game, but for some bizarre reason, it doesn't seem to work in the original, Mega CD game, perhaps due to slightly different physics. Sonic The Hedgehog 2 108. There is an achievement in the 2011 re-release that is awarded when beating the Act 3 boss: 'Eggman Got Served'. This is it, the final battle of the game, and fortunately it's not too hard, providing you maintain rings throughout, as getting hit is almost inevitable, early on. Carry on left, then drop down below and just to the right, you'll find a sight for sore eyes; a lovely pair of horizontal springs and a Future post between them. The idea is that you use the moving block to spring up to these ledges, hit the moving spring and then move right while in the air, to find a diagonal red spring on the wall that is supposed to catapult you up to the high left ledge, where you can resume the zone. Throughout the zone there are plenty of smaller hidden areas and passages dotted around the place, so it can be quite the maze. In the Present, Metallic Madness is your typical final level factory environment, full of doom and gloom and more mechanised doo-hickeys than you know what to do with. If you attempt this, you'll have to be pretty quick to avoid being crushed into the corner of the top ledge by the fifth spiked platform following closely behind. You need to climb each one as it comes down (by jumping through the dull area on each), but you might be able to get out of the pit you're in once you're on top of the fourth. It's also worth noting that a much easier alternative option exists if you've got plenty of lives to throw around and won't mind sacrificing one by topping yourself. it's worth noting that the pc 2011 remake does not have this problem. For me anyway, as I've got to explain it all to you. The zone ends with a series of steep slopes heading towards the goal in a narrow passage, decorated with some nasty circular saws. The area with two opposing springs is actually still there in the Present (and Futures for that matter), but you can't really use it, and here's why: it's got both a Future post AND a Past post in between the springs. Roll down the door, straight up, storm the castle The iPhone version contains a small modification to the final battle area: there are forcefields at each end of the screen that keep you from being able to run too far to the left or right. Use the first long moving spring/crusher thing you come across to ascend to the ledge on the upper left. The first occurs early on in the level, allowing access to the lowest route across the initial, linear part of the stage. Let me say that without assistance, this will probably be your toughest time travelling challenge, but luckily, you have me and my wonderful guide to help you.. Firstly, in terms of time travel opportunities, things are very similar to the situation in Zone 1, in that there are only a couple of fool-proof places to time travel using two opposing horizontal springs, but this time you can also use a zone-exclusive object to your advantage. You're gettin' in my way (looking an enemy) Use it, or the moving spring below it, to enter the in-built ledge on the left-hand wall, below the highest ledge, and this consists of a transport tubing entrance that takes you to the second four-way junction in the zone. Sonic The Hedgehog 3 and Knuckles 219. This song plays in Act 1 Of Metallic Madness Zone in Sonic Mania. Easy :). Well, I remember this problem from playing the game years ago, but I busted out the ol' Mega CD anyway to confirm it. In any timezone, from the start, leap on past the first gap and hit a red spring to ascend up the high wall with a shield item at the top. These are green and purple amidst the darkness and continually changing lights, and above and below are far stretches of blue machinery. Allow it to move to the left again, then step back in the revolver to return to the front, so that you may continue. When he explodes, the projectiles should miss you entirely, and you can then pass. Going by the regular structure of the level alone, time travel appears to be almost impossible because there are few open stretches of ground where you can barely get a decent start of a time warp, let alone complete one. Firstly, he'll move back and forth along the top of the screen, spinning the blades as he goes. Remember that should you die while fighting this boss, you can always head up to the top route described in Point #5 and essentially refund your lost life with an extra one. Light blue is very much the order of the day throughout, and Zone 1 features a background wall of this colour that's similar to the Present in its construction of horizontal pipes, and though it still contains various bits of the same technical gadgetry and flashing lights, it also houses containment tubes for plantlife, much like Tidal Tempest Good Future. In the Present, Metallic Madness is your typical final level factory environment, full of doom and gloom and more mechanised doo-hickeys than you know what to do with. Looking an enemy Stream Metallic Madness Zone Act 1 - Sonic Mania OST by EGGETTE ROBOTNIK from desktop or your mobile device. These are perhaps intended for when you have time travelled to a point within these routes and wish to get out, but when playing normally, they can serve to be an ultimately pointless distraction from the main task ahead. Looking an enemy Having successfully avoided the gap, go to the right, toward a crusher and three sets of 10-ring boxes, and the machine is located in a room above the crusher, accessible by a diagonal spring. Similar pathway decoration to the Present, and the pipes that occupy certain areas, once orange, are now magenta. There are relatively few structural differences between the timezones, except that the Past allows you access to an entirely new, dead-end route at the bottom, before the exit, which contains the hidden machine. The foreground is the same sort of thing as in the Present, only the main, dark green/turquoise colour has been replaced by a much friendlier light purple. In the area you come out to, use another long moving block to spring upwards and left, then find a pair of opposing horizontal springs and a Future post nearby. First though, after the end of the shrinking incident, you'll have your first meeting with the descending spiked platforms inside a closed-off room. When the passageways get extremely narrow, Sonic will only be able to fit through them once he's shrunk himself with a special shrinking laser beam!

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