We offer a complete lineup of quality sheet metal fabrication equipment. Black Friday & Cyber Monday Deals are Here! We offer a complete lineup of quality sheet metal fabrication equipment. The arched top blade allows for effortless cutting throughout the stoke. Don't worry, your details are safe with us. “Attached are some pictures of a mobile home frame that I cut up in less than 20 minutes with the 9″ saw that I bought from you. Forming pre-processed materials such as tubing, sheets, and rods uses the application of mechanical force to alter the shape of the metal. Elite Metal Tools is a world renown supplier of metalworking equipment. Woodward Fab is a leading manufacturer and supplier of a wide variety of sheet metal fabrication tools. With over 49 years in this industry, Woodward Fab brings precision and aesthetics to your metal fabrication project. I have had it for almost a year and don’t know how I did without it! All Rights Reserved. Metal Fabrication Hand Tools. If features 8″ high chrome blades and will handle sheet metal up to 3/16″ of an inch. Everything we do must be done with laser like precision. Fax : 1-810-632-6640. You have a great product! It’s Woodward Fab for me. If we do not have the machine you are looking for, we will find it for you. Trick Tools offers high performance metal fabrication equipment and metal working tools like tube benders, notchers, saws, English wheels, and sheet metal brakes. Simply enter your email below to get $10 Off coupon directly to your inbox. We have several new machines in stock or on consignment. Metal working equipment like pipe and tube notchers allow you to finish off your race car or buggy and create that custom roll cage. We at Elite Metal Tools know what it takes to work metal, it's in the name. I have used your saw to make plunge cuts in 1/4″ steel plate, to cut fireboxes from 1/4″ plate for barbeque pits. Browse our equipment inventory today. It also cuts up to 3/8″ round bars. Woodward Fab © 2020. Metal forming & shaping equipment like English Wheels, Pipe Benders and Shrinker Stretchers allow you to create a work of art with professional results. These are the best deals of the year PLUS you get FREE SHIPPING! Joining metal is a process of adding material to an existing piece normally by using a filler material. Man discovered the utility of metal long before there were Ironworkers to shape it. As this material cools it creates a strong bond between the two pieces. Had I used my torch, it would have taken much longer. Its durable construction will give you years of use.”, “At Bubbas East Coast Rods & Customs precision and accuracy are a must! Strengthening metal for floor pans or HVAC applications just got a whole lot easier using our bead rollers. With our tools, creating one-of-a-kind customized pieces is easy and affordable. For smaller jobs, working with a tool in the palm of your hand is sometimes still the best choice. This includes punching , bending, stamping, and spinning. When working with bulk material such as ore and bars, it is almost necessary to use heat for forming. This is normally done with high pressure, high heat, or both. After all, Woodward Fab believes and provides ‘Professional Tools for Professional Results’. Whether you need to cut, bend, shrink, stretch, or strengthen a piece of metal, we have the right tools to get the job done quickly. See the Deals Here. Metalworking can be divided into three general categories. Cutting by burning includes laser and plasma cutting which can be done with CNC Plasma Tables. Shop here for our wide array of products & discover what "Mittler Blue" quality is all about. Baileigh Industrial® Holdings LLC. A similar process to welding is soldering; soldering, however, is done at temperatures under 450 °C. So, when it comes to fabrication tools my choice is clear. Metal Fabrication Equipment & Tools Made in the USA. Hartland MI, 48353, Phone : 1-810-632-5419 I particularly like their hand shear for cutting out metal patches. Be the first to know about exclusive sales and specials at Elite Metal Tools! Shrinker Stretcher with Foot Operated Stand WFSSCAST9, Weld Positioner 1300 Pound Capacity WFWP1300-220-3, Weld Positioner 675 Pound Capacity WFWP675-110, Weld Positioner 225 Pound Capacity WFWP225-110, Weld Positioner 250 Pound Capacity WFWP250-220. Metal working equipment like pipe and tube notchers allow you to finish off your race car or buggy and create that custom roll cage. Our products are engineered to provide you with astounding results irrespective of your level of proficiency.

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