An industrial engineer will have idea of how systems work. Then there are broad engineering disciplines like mechanical engineering and industrial engineering. "To be eligible for a prosthetic you would have to lose your palm as well," he was told, according to Interesting Engineering.. Davis then embarked on a mission to create his own prosthetic hand, adding functionality absent in off-the-shelf models. tl;dr Mechanical engineers design the products that industrial engineers make more efficient. May 19, 2012 #4 Shaun_W. Both mechanical and industrial engineers deal with manufacturing- but if you want to get into robotics I would recommend mechanical. There are some disciplines of engineering that are so narrowly focused that there are only a few options for career paths – and a just couple thousand Americans working in those disciplines. After losing four fingers on his left hand, fabricator Ian Davis learned his insurance wouldn't cover the cost of a prosthetic. Some mechanical engineers work in specific industries, building and designing nuclear plants, or automobiles, or railway equipment, or spacecraft. If we talk about job roles, mechanical engineer fits better in an engineering department whereas an industrial engineer is best candidate for production department. These branches of engineering employ hundreds of thousands of Americans. As a degreed ME, I have consistently observed, during my 35+ year career, that the ME is much better grounded in the theory behind engineering than the Industrual Engineer (IE). 319 6. The field of mechanical engineering itself is broken down into many sub-specialties. The way it was explained to me was that Industrial is primarily in manufacturing and deals with streamlining processes and making the manufacturing process more effecient. Just do mechanical engineering if you're interested in industry - it's all the "other" areas that'll help you get employed with a mechanical engineering degree. Also if you're going to do an MBA I don't really see the need to do a finance major while you study engineering. Mechanical engineering, no question, from the purely engineering perspective. ME deals more with the actual engineering of tangible things. A mechanical engineer will have specialist design and modelling skills but no knowledge of general industrial processes. 139 0. what if you want to learn more about mechanics? May 19, 2012 #3 Ishida52134.

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