Become a Plus member today to create your Watchlist and enjoy our courses. Think that memorizing long numbers sounds impossible? : Mastering Mental Math will teach listeners the tools necessary to excel in school, personal finance, work, and life. Enter the email address you used to create your account. I am actually making progress with instructor's approach! Explore a variety of shortcuts for dividing by one- and two-digit numbers; learn how to convert fractions such as 1/7 and 3/16 into decimals; and discover methods for determining when a large number is divisible by numbers such as 3, 7, and 11. Turn now to the last fundamental operation of arithmetic: division. By the end of Professor Benjamin’s lessons, you’ll be able to add, subtract, multiply, and divide numbers faster than ever before. Why did I create a course on mastering mental math? Wow. Have a powerful mental math system at your fingertips so that you can develop mental math mastery no matter what your skill level is now. First, learn the fundamental strategies of mental arithmetic (including the value of adding from left to right, unlike what you do on paper). Leaves a favorable impression on their peers and superiors? How about February 12, 1809? You'll start jumping at those opportunities and impressing your co-workers and managers with your ability to think on your feet. The confidence you gain by being able to do simple calculations in your head will spill over to your personal life as well. There are so many little areas where math works its way into our personal lives that it would be impossible to name them all. Here, develop skills for effectively estimating addition, subtraction, multiplication, division, and square roots. We've sent a link and instructions to your email address to The MAA also named Professor Benjamin the 2006-2008 George Pólya Lecturer. In most real-world situations-such as figuring out sales tax or how much to tip-you don't need an exact answer but just a reasonable approximation. Admittedly, it might be fun to amaze your friends that you can multiply three digit numbers in your head, but the deserved response might be, "So what?" I am still working my way through this. Say goodbye to those days of looking at your feet or shuffling papers when there's an opportunity to do mental math at work. He is a professional magician, whose techniques are explained in his book Secrets of Mental Math: The Mathemagician's Guide to Lightning Calculation and Amazing Math Tricks. Among these: the squaring method (when both numbers are equal), the "close together" method (when both numbers are near each other), and the subtraction method (when one number ends in 6, 7, 8, or 9). JavaScript seems to be disabled in your browser. Take mental multiplication to an even higher level. Think again. Maybe it was in a professional setting like a meeting, when you were in class, or even when you were with friends or family. Thank you so much for the incredible experience! Professor Benjamin demonstrates how easily you can mentally add and subtract one-, two-, and three-digit numbers. The course textbook PDF also has loads of practice questions, I just wish this math is taught to children like the ones in the 4th grade. Who would have guessed that I would end up liking math?!? Imagine you're in a meeting at work and there's some calculation that everyone has to do on the fly and you are the first one to come up with the right answer. Learn how to do complex mathematical problems right in your head, with the aid of this fun and useful course that teaches you the secrets behind mental math. We've updated our website and apps to improve your Great Courses Plus experience. So if you're looking to get an edge and separate yourself from the pack in your professional life, you've found the right course. Suddenly you look like the sharpest person in the room. Please do not attempt to reset your password again in the next 30 minutes. This upgrade requires that you change your password. In 2012, Princeton Review profiled him in The Best 300 Professors. Delve into the secrets of easy mental multiplication-Professor Benjamin's favorite mathematical operation. instructions on how to reset your password. The Great Courses has helped make that dream come true. Professor Benjamin shows you how to do enormous multiplication problems in your head, such as squaring three-digit and four-digit numbers; cubing two-digit numbers, and multiplying two-digit and three-digit numbers. I need to improve my mental maths for an upcoming job application, and was looking for a step-by-step course to help me improve. Have you ever been in that situation where you struggled to do even the simplest calculation or math problem? Then practice your knowledge by trying to memorize the first 24 digits of pi, all of your credit card numbers, and more. Dive right into the joys of mental math. Even so, there are some rarely taught techniques to help speed up your calculations and check your answers when you are adding tall columns of numbers, multiplying numbers of any length, and more. You'll be amazed at what an advantage it is in your professional life once you start applying even a few of the mental math strategies and techniques that you learn from this course. He has consulted with startup teams on how to accelerate their learning, creativity, and growth. This is the math they never taught you in school. First, learn the fundamental strategies of mental... 2: Mental Addition and Subtraction. College student especially can benefit from a course that helps you to save a bunch of time on stuff. Professor Benjamin's teaching has been honored repeatedly by the Mathematical Association of America (MAA). Say goodbye to awkward meetings, frustration at school and embarrassment in your personal life.

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