Seed distance: about 25 x 25 cm (10×10 inches) Cultivation. Either mix in slow-acting granular fertilizer at planting time or plan to water in diluted liquid fertilizer periodically. Flowers are yellow, orange or red depending on the variety. Water and fertilize marigolds the same time you water and care for your vegetable garden. They will put on the best show all summer and into fall. germination time: 7 days Germination temp. Pre-culture: not necessary, but possible. Marigolds supply the garden with summer-long colour. Germination time: 10 to 15 days. Yes I did check for firmness and they all were firm, I even opened one up to see a fleshy white embryo inside. Marigolds are a hardy, bright, easy-to-grow plant. Remove spent blooms to promote continuous blooms during the growing season. A 5-10-5 works fine. It is important to water the young marigold seedlings from below. We get a lot of questions about why your seedlings didn't sprout. Planting the seeds at the right time ensures you get the longest season possible from these flowering annuals. Marigold & Companion Plants Importance. Marigolds do not bloom year-round, but with proper care, some varieties can bloom for several months. African Marigold by D.A.L. Set each marigold plant in a hole the size of its rootball and firm soil gently over the roots for support. The seeds germinate quickly and begin flowering in as little as six weeks. All vegetables are different and sprout in different conditions. The mean germination time of 16 days at 13 oC in parallel to the increase in the temperature was shortened. Some sprout in early spring in the cold, others in the middle of the summer when it's hot. | Quote | Post #1992405 (10) Name: Keith Long Island, NY (Zone 7a) keithp2012 Jun 7, 2019 12:24 AM CST. Plant marigolds in containers in a soilless potting medium. They are virtually fool-proof, so even first-time gardeners can trust their marigold show will be abundant and something to be proud of. Ideal are balconies in a southern location, which have a daily sunshine duration of at least 4 hours. Location: open land and balcony possible. Germination Temperatures and Times; Germination Temperatures and Times. The cultivation of marigold on the balcony or terrace is possible. Then thoroughly water each plant. Germination was low and it is growing slower than the others. Germination of marigold takes from three days to two weeks and should be done at about 20 to 24 degrees centigrade. When to sow outdoors: after last spring frost Other Sowing Guidelines... Approx. When putting out into the garden space small marigold varieties about 15 cm apart; medium species 30 cm apart; and large marigolds from 45 to 60 cm apart. Many gardeners are looking for solutions to garden pest problems that are non-toxic and earth-friendly. The seeds were planted on top of the soil to get plenty of light, I do that for all my marigolds. Seed germination did not occur in 40 oC, but was determined 91% in 13 oC.

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