Heirloom, open pollinated, non-hybrid and non-GMO seeds with no chemical treatments. Roots can grow in excess of 15kg. 49 Seeds/gram (Beta Vulgaris) An exceptional heirloom variety producing large, tender, well-flavoured roots that are invaluable in soups and for roasting. Large, oval root up to 24kg with orange-yellow skin, white flesh & tender, broad, green leaves. MANGEL WURZEL - (Beta vulgaris) European heirloom dating back to 1767. Very large yellow roots that are grown as a fodder crop for animal feed. Print. Best suited to cooler climates. Heirloom. Heirloom from the 1700's; Large roots and tender green leaves . Mangel Wurzel seeds. Mammoth Mangelwurzel or Fodder Beet Seeds. Both root & leaves used, with leaves making an excellent s Also used to produce mangel wine. Categories Vegetable Seeds Beetroot Mangel-wurzel. Rating: 96 % of 100. Also known as 'Mangold' or 'Mangel Beet'. Price for Package of 1000 seeds. Add to shopping basket Description; 150 Seeds/Pkt - Approx. Mammoth Mangelwurzel or Fodder Beet Seeds Price for Package of 100 seeds. Mangel Wurzel. Mangelwurzel or mangold wurzel (from German Mangel/Mangold and Wurzel, "root"), also called mangold, mangel beet, field beet, and fodder beet, is a cultivated root vegetable. Beta vulgaris, 50 seeds. Beta vulgaris. Mangelwurzel or mangold wurzel (from German Mangel/Mangold and Wurzel, However, perhaps most importantly, they also open up new ways of enjoying your garden and of growing a wider variety of unusual plants. 2 Products Found Sort. 95 to 120 days — Fodder beets, also known as field beets, mangold, mangold wurzel, mangel beets, and mangel-wurzel, have all but disappeared from modern agriculture, especially home gardening. Mammoth Red Mangel Beet. Stores well. It is a variety of Beta vulgaris, the same species that also contains the red beet and sugar beet varieties. A gargantuan beet for the whimsical gardener! Author: The Seed Collection Pty Ltd Date Posted: 23 July 2018 Herbal teas offer a wide variety of intriguing flavours as well as many benefits to health and wellbeing. 100 days. Also known as Fodder Beet, Mangold, Mangel Beet and Field Beet. Harvest this delectable beet for the dinner table when young, or allow it to grow to epic proportions (ours have reached up to 40 pounds and 6 feet long) for giant veg competitions or just for a good old-fashioned gardener’s brag! Mangel-wurzel (Quantity: Packet) In stock $ 3.50. Red Mangel Mammoth Beet Seeds Sprouting or Garden C311 30 seeds, or 1 gram - $3.79 USD 135 seeds, or 1/8 oz - $5.19 USD 275 seeds, or 1/4 oz - $6.19 USD 550 seeds, or 1/2 oz - $10.09 USD 1100 seeds, or 1 ounce - $12.59 USD 2250 seeds, or 2 oz - $18.09 USD 5500 seeds, or 1/4 LB - $22.79 USD 1/2 Pound, or 11K seeds - $28.59 USD 1 LB or 22K seeds - $39.59 USD 2 LB or 44K seeds - $62.59 USD 11 Reviews Add Your Review.

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