Chrono start ( Kurono Torig?) 1 Biography 1.1 Unaltered timeline 1.2 Altered timeline 2 Personality Janus was the son of Queen Zeal during the antiquity. Magus isone of the main antagonists and later an anti-herofrom Chrono Trigger. His mother became maddened after discovering the existence of Lavos, an alien parasite that dwell beneath the planet's surface. Depending on the kanji used, Jyaki can either mean imp or evil aura. In Chrono Trigger, Magus's name was Maou, explained below. If you have the kind of magic that will damage Magus, first have Frog hit him with the Masamune, then use the kind of magic that will damage Magus. Chrono Trigger. Depending on if you battle Magus or not affects what you see in the ending, plus there is some extra dialogue if Magus is the lead character during the "Ozzie's Fort" side quest. Magus is a major anti-hero in Chrono Trigger.. Magus. First, have Crono hit Magus with a physical attack. It is the first game in the Chrono series. Keep HP above 150 for the first phase of this battle. If you do, you’re absolutely going to want to maximize Magus’s potential by collecting all of his best weapons and armor throughout the game. Chrono Trigger Magus April 08, 2020 Chrono Trigger Edit. Magus is an antagonist from the game Chrono Trigger and the dark mage waging war against the Kingdom of Guardia in 600 A.D., although the player is given the option to recruit him at one point in the game.. Becoming a power-hungry queen, she used the Mammon Machine, … Magus will change his barrier. This Chrono Trigger Magus Guide will teach you all about Magus’s best equipment and his available techs in Chrono Trigger. If you’re playing Chrono Trigger, there’s a good chance you’re going to want to use Magus in your party. If you do challenge him and Frog is in your party, then Frog will battle Magus alone without help from the rest of the party. Name Origin . Thanks to utunnels. Appearances. Magus, for a time, seems to be the main villain of Chrono Trigger.His proper time period is 12,000 B.C., or the Dark Ages, although this isn't revealed until a ways into the game. is a console role-playing game developed and published by Square for the Super Nintendo Entertainment System (SNES) in 1995. Magus is one of the first editions of the "villain becomes a playable ally" in JRPG's. In Radical Dreamers, Mick Van Jovi's name was トウバンジャン (Taubanjan, or in Chinese phonetic alphabet, Doubanjiang), which means thick bean sauce or bean paste. ... but those can be overlooked. Janus was the son of Queen Zeal during the Dark Ages.

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