He fights using a scythe as a weapon. After beating the dream devourer, Schala says something to Magus along the lines of "your not strong enough to beat me now but one day you will be reborn" or somthing like that. Magic is a force learned by mankind around the time of Antiquity. On the other hand, Lucca plays a role in the backstory of Chrono Cross, ... Magus was slated to appear in Chrono Cross. Au départ, Magus devait être présent dans Chrono Cross, mais il a été retiré car trop de personnages s'ajoutaient au jeu et il aurait été trop difficile de bien représenter son histoire. Anecdotes. In Chrono Trigger, it is used to perform powerful offensive and defensive spells in combat. He is Guile from Chrono Cross. After the events of CT, Magus managed to open a portal to the Darkness of Time (called "Time's Eclipse" by the CT DS translator) and he fought the Lavos/Schala fusion, but failed. Several designs were considered for his appearance, including one close to his Chrono Trigger design, one as a teenage boy, and one as a masked magician called Guile. After doing so I went back and played chrono trigger on my ds and did the dimensional vortex dungeons and fought the dream devourer. Admittedly, it is hard to think of a threat more serious than a being that can devour all time and space. No confusion. In a moment of clarity, Schala erased his memory and warped him to the present time. His overall function is as a Black Mage type character (dealing damage with magic), but his physical stats are still higher than those of magically strong characters, such as Marle and Lucca. If Magus ends up in 600 AD, he shouldn’t be alive by the time Schala was saved (1020 AD, the time of Chrono Cross,) but a descendant of his could. C'est ... (n'importe quel joueur ayant fait les deux jeux peut imaginer que le scénario de Chrono Cross avec Magus aurait forcément du être différent). Dans Chrono Cross, la Masamune est liée à d'autres drames et de nouvelles interrogations surgissent. I recently beat Chrono cross. Schala chooses Serge specifically. Dans Chrono Cross, Janus est mentionné dans une lettre de Lucca qui note qu'il protège Kid. When Magus joins the party, his HP takes a massive drop from his former boss forms, but his damage-dealing ability increases. You should already see what my theory is: Serge is a descendant (or maybe some sort of weird reincarnation) of Magus, a newly born part of him so to speak. Maybe he discovered the source of Lavos and figured out there's more beings like it. Magus is not present in Chrono Cross because he discovered a new threat to the planet. This explains why he was AWOL when Serge and Co. were trying to save Schala.

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