Japanese Translation. Christmas Day in Japan. Find more Japanese words at wordhippo.com! Japanese Translation. Japanese words for moonlight include 月光, 月明かり, 月影, 月明, ムーンライト, 月灯かり and 月色. In addition, Japanese Buddhism has a set of elements, the godai, which vary from the Chinese elements. Ogimachi Village typically gets covered by one to two meters of snow during the peak of the white season. ライト noun. Hikari shine, gleam. 水色 adjective: Mizuiro light blue: 淡いブルー: Awai burū light blue: Find more words! Here's a list of translations. Japanese: Meaning: Light, Radiance (depending on kanji used) Region of origin: Japan: Other names; Related names: Hikari, Kōki: Hikaru (ひかる, ヒカル) is a Japanese verb meaning "to shine" (光る), and it is the dictionary form of the word Hikari (光, light). Possible writings. The holiday season in Japan seems to be celebrated the exact opposite way as it is in western countries. Light is an essential element to perceive architecture and to live and work in buildings. While causing the locals quite a bit of hardship, the snow turns Shirakawago into an idyllic winter landscape. Enjoy the videos and music you love, upload original content, and share it all with friends, family, and the world on YouTube. LIGHT Optical Works Ltd. Head Office and Plant 3637 Nakasu, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, 392-0015 TEL.0266-52-3600 (main) / FAX.0266-58-5858 Second Plant 4771 Nakasu, Suwa City, Nagano Prefecture, 392-0015 TEL.0266-54-2551 / FAX.0266-54-2557 Tokyo Office It is also a Japanese given name that can be given to either sex. The Japanese names will revolve around these words with slight variations. The main reason for the steep roofs and massive structure of Shirakawago's farmhouses is the large amount of snow the region receives every winter. Some popular names are Hikari, Hikaru, Akari, Teruko and … More Japanese words for light blue. Even though western influences have changed several associations of colors, especially in art and dresses; some of the traditional color meanings are still valid today. Learn more in the Cambridge English-Japanese Dictionary. They each have a representative kanji symbol. light translate: 明かり, 光, (色が)淡い, 軽い, (量が)少ない, (日が)明るい, 穏やかな, ~が火をつける, ~に火がつく, 明かりをつける. The definitive new collection surveys Sinatra’s most prolific period over 1965–1976, including her revered collaborations with Lee Hazlewood, over 23 tracks Learn basic Japanese language vocabulary for colors, including audio files, characters, and English translation. How to say light blue in Japanese. 光. Hikari. In Japan, the classical Chinese elements, wu xing, are prominent. These are Wood (Ki), Fire (Hi), Earth (Tsuchi), Metal (Kin), and Water (Mizu). ライトブルー . Light In The Attic Records is proud to present Nancy Sinatra: Start Walkin’ 1965–1976. Hikari, akari, raito (borrowed from the English word light), hi, touka, tobashi, tomoshi, shoku, denki, akashi, osoku, are the words for light. More Japanese words for light. 光 noun. Japan is a country steeped in tradition and they use the beautiful language of colors in their art, dresses, phrases and rituals. Raitoburū. Use * for blank tiles (max 2) Advanced Search Advanced Search: Use * for blank spaces Advanced Search: Advanced Word Finder: See Also in English. Words for colours in Japanese with various shades and colour-related expressions. Despite this, the country’s official traffic documents still referred to green traffic lights as ao rather than midori. Initially, Japan’s traffic lights were green as green can be.

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