However, it arrives before truly affordable 5G phones have become common, so it … Learn more. The left and right edges of the screen fall off to the sides, which gives it a more chic look, and though it's about as tall as the V60, it's narrower, slimmer and lighter -- and ultimately more comfortable to hold. OnePlus is expected to launch a Nord-branded phone in the US soon, so you can also hold out for that. With its 8-megapixel wide-angle camera, which I accessed by pinching out on the screen's viewfinder, I was able to fit more content within each frame. It's still not a reason to buy it—I've yet to encounter any 5G signal in my area—but it's nice to have as an extra. Performance stutters now and then, and the screen doesn't have a refresh rate higher than 60 Hz. It also has a 60Hz display, which is common on most phones, but that's a lower refresh rate than competitors such as the OnePlus 8, which has a 90Hz display. Then there's the leather-backed G4, and the modular G5 that let you attach different add-ons to the phone, like a camera grip. ... but review sites are the real guilty party. The Velvet doesn't look like any other LG phone before. But I have a few gripes. The phone did show the 5G symbol on the top bar the entire time I was connected, and Ookla's app showed I was connected to a 5G server. LG has always made weird phones. ALL RIGHTS RESERVED. When it comes to daily usage though, I didn't notice much lag or any notable "lack" of speed on the Velvet when comparing it to the V60, except in one area: the fingerprint reader. Ben Sin. When the results are in, I'll update this review and its final rating. Expensive for what you get. The LG Velvet is an unusual phone that doesn’t really have any direct competitors; it’s an attractive mid-range device in a world of okay-looking ultra-powerful flagships. Image quality quickly drops at night too, even if you use LG's dedicated Night mode (where you have to stand as still as possible for a few seconds). This phone also comes with the capability to connect to networks using 5G, the next-gen mobile technology that offers faster speeds. Recording video was also solid. 90Hz refresh rate, 18W Turbo Charging, $699 (8GB RAM/128GB), $799 (12GB RAM/256GB), £599 (8GB RAM/128GB), £699 (12GB RAM/256GB), Converts to about: AU$1,103 (8GB RAM/128GB), AU$1,261 (12GB RAM/256GB). It essentially means you won't run into any issues connecting to T-Mobile's growing 5G network as it continues to expand. Taken in outdoor lighting, this flower is vibrant and sharp. The Velvet looks unlike any premium US LG phone before it and it's the best-looking LG phone I've handled in a while. Under bright, clear lighting, the Velvet's camera took sharp pictures that were colorful and in focus. On older LG phones, the Quad DAC allows you to play high-quality music through plug-in headphones, a feature long-appreciated by audiophiles like WIRED's own Parker Hall. LG Velvet - user opinions and reviews. LG Velvet unboxing The Velvet arrives in a relatively plain white cardboard box with its name stamped in a sleek typeface. It's important to note that T-Mobile's LG Velvet model is powered by MediaTek's first 5G chipset in the US, the Dimensity 1000C, and it's capable of tapping into T-Mobile's low-band 5G spectrum as well as the mid-band spectrum the company recently acquired from Sprint. Though the Velvet isn't an entirely new radical direction for LG, it's certainly a diverging path. At full resolution, the picture isn't as sharp as the previous one. This is a robust battery life. If you plan on using the zoom to get more details of faraway objects, you won't achieve it with this phone. The LG Velvet on the other hand is amongst a smaller number of devices which make due with Qualcomm’s new Snapdragon 765 SoC. (To avoid this, you need to make sure the screen faces outward when you stow it.). It's not as slippery as the last LG phone I tested, though you still might want a case for this all-glass sandwich. It easily activates in my pocket. It's one of those features that sets LG phones apart from the field, but having a headphone jack itself is enough of a rarity these days. However, in LG's quest to quell the quirkiness and create a more mainstream phone, the Velvet is too bland. Outside of its suave and smooth design, you'll be hard-pressed to find anything noteworthy. It also took one or two more attempts than it should have to read my thumbprint accurately, to a point where it was getting a bit irritating. It doesn't help that LG also has a poor track record of updating its phones in a timely fashion. Zoom in closer with the digital zoom and you can tell the image quality drops off, because LG cranks up the sharpening, and the camera often overexposes in this mode. Also, it's not bundled with your purchase anymore, so you'll have to shell out an extra $200 for it. LG's market share has been on a steady decline for several years, forcing the company to now try something new and hopefully end up with a profitable mobile division. Unfortunately, that model is available only in other parts of the world. The problem with the Velvet is that, while it has all the fundamentals of a good phone, it doesn't excel at anything enough to stand out—which any phone in the $600-$700 range really should. And it's hard to forget last year's G8, which let you turn up the volume by contorting your hand into a clawlike gesture and hovering it over the selfie camera. © 2020 CNET, A RED VENTURES COMPANY. 5. However, in LG's quest to quell the quirkiness and create a more mainstream phone, the Velvet is too bland. LG Velvet review: Battery life and charging. It could stand to be brighter outdoors though, and I do wish LG added a screen refresh rate option faster than 60 Hz, which would smooth out scrolling and fast-moving graphics and add extra polish to the user experience. The Velvet has a sharp and vibrant 6.8-inch OLED screen. Relatively affordable 5G Beautiful design Excellent audio quality with 3.5mm headphone jack Gorgeous screen The colors are what give this a visual edge, though—Illusion Sunset is particularly beautiful. This is the battery capacity for the AT&T model, but the Verizon and T-Mobile versions come with a slightly smaller 4,000-mAh capacity. Since it was Fourth of July weekend during my time reviewing it, I also took a few photos at night while lighting some sparklers. CNET may get a commission from these offers. When I first reviewed the phone I tested the South Korean variant, but have since spent time with AT&T's model, too. LG Velvet review notes: I used the LG Velvet over a period of six days. The 4,300 mAh inside the AT&T version of the LG Velvet hints at decent battery life, and the phone delivered in our testing. With the second screen you can multitask and display two apps at the same time, or expand certain apps across both screens so they work together like a tablet. Discussion threads can be closed at any time at our discretion. The LG Velvet with its Dual Screen accessory. I've reached out to AT&T and asked why I was getting these download and upload rates if I were truly connected to its 5G network and will update this review when I hear back. This design choice, coupled with the very narrow but long screen, makes it easy to hold. By Brandon Carte. Remember when it put all the buttons on the back of the LG G2? The Velvet is powered by a variant of the Snapdragon 765 chipset that enables 5G connectivity. LG's commitment to the beloved audio port is what makes its premium phones stand out, which is good news to wired headphone users. The Velvet is available in the US on AT&T and will come to Verizon on Aug. 21 for $700. The 6.8-inch OLED screen is nice too; the bezels (edges) are super-slim, the resolution is sharp, and the display itself is colorful. The camera app suggests there's a zoom camera, but it's just the main camera digitally zooming in.

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