The two articles state different things for the battery, Lenovo state the 2 has a supercap, the other a battery. GX80N07825. It can support up to 4,096 levels of pressure sensitivity to provide a natural pen and paper experience when you sketch, paint, and jot down notes. I'm having a hard time figuring out what technology these pens use. EDIT: Discord server has been changed upon deletion of the #welcome channel. I know Lenovo digital pen works with it, I contacted Lenovo and they told me this is the pen for this laptop. Apple Pencil Pro, the pricier option, tends to get more favorable reviews than Lenovo Active Pen [4.6 vs 4.3 ]. I'm considering either a HP Pavilion x360 14" which comes with an HP pen, or the Lenovo Yoga 530 and buy the Lenovo Active Pen 2 separately, which brings the price to exactly what the HP costs. In our awesomeness score Apple Pencil Pro ranks #5 out of 237 and Lenovo Active Pen ranks #75 out of 237. i was looking online for a new pen(the old one has only 2 buttons and i need 3 for shortcuts.) Re: ThinkPad Pen Pro vs. Lenovo Active Pen | Compatibility 2016-02-21, 0:06 AM Thank you, that's the one i just ordered, and i have that FRU reference sheet as well. I am looking to buy a pen. A variation of the Lenovo Digitizer Pen; ThinkPad Pen Pro (also known as Active Pen) Active pen; Requires one AAAA battery; The largest size pen available; Always housed externally of the system; Can be stored with an external holder accessory that attaches to the USB port; Mouse-click input; ThinkPad Pen Pro 2 . Searching for the same info and come to this interesting article Basically the AP2 has 4096 levels of pressure vs 2048 of the AP1 (ThinkPad Pen Pro) The 2 does have a better tip and control. a) Lenovo Active Pen 2, Part No. Because I've heard it also works, but there are so many different models of this laptop it's confusing. Active capacitive pen; Rechargeable For professional and aspiring artists, The Lenovo Pen Pro also recognizes degrees of tilt for lifelike shading for drawings and paintings. I have Lenovo Ideapad flex 14IML 81XG (not IWL). b) Lenovo Pen Pro - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - - A) Lenovo Active Pen 2 ~Suspect that Wacom made this; included instruction manual noted that user had to download the Wacom app to make full use of its functionality! Lenovo Active Pen 2, Up to 4096 Levels of Pressure Sensitivity The Lenovo Active Pen 2 for Yoga is a Bluetooth-enabled Active Capacity Pen for writing and drawing on Lenovo Yoga laptops. Go to awesomeness ranking Go to consumer score ranking Apple Pencil Pro is more popular But I am wondering if active pen 2 also works with this? lenovo active pen 2/lenovo pen pro for yoga C740 14' hey, i've been using lenovo c740 for about six months, so far with a standrd stylus that came with the package. (don't remember the modle). The Lenovo Pen Pro provides an industry-leading 4096 levels of pressure sensitivity for natural writing and sketching, along with a 156-hour continual use battery life and three configurable short-cut button to enhance productivity.

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