This Lenovo laptop features a NVIDIA GeForce GTX 1650 graphics card, an Intel Core i5-9300H CPU and 16 GB of RAM. However, most of the users consider it an entry-level system that can play most of the modern age games with ease. admin 0 November 12, 2020 11:27 am. WhatsApp. With the Ideapad L340-17API, Lenovo has a 17.3-inch laptop in its range, which offers enough computing power for office and Internet applications. Zack R. - June 10, 2020. As we mentioned in our previous review - the one of the Lenovo Ideapad L340 (15"), there was a good amount of different laptop series that share a common ancestor - the Ideapad 330. Review Lenovo IdeaPad L340: gaming Full HD under 1000 euro. This system is powered by the Intel Core i5-9300 processor with the 9th gen model that makes it a powerful solution in the market. Latest pricing, specs and 2019 Lenovo Ideapad L340 gaming laptop review. 2.1 Is the Lenovo IdeaPad l340 good? Thank you for your support. Should you buy this laptop? However, in 2019, Lenovo did something interesting to the Ideapad 330. 1.1 Appearance; 1.2 Connectivity; 1.3 Internet Connections; 1.4 Accessories & Maintenance; 1.5 Keyboard & TouchPad; 1.6 Display; 1.7 Performance; 2 FAQ’s. In the past years, the combination of “laptop of good quality” and “under 1000 euro” was a utopia: in the best of cases below this amount there was in front of a notebook ugly, heavy, plasticky and with a battery life very low. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 15-IRH Gaming is a powerful laptop that even copes well with gaming but won't break the bank. Lenovo Ideapad l340 Gaming Laptop Review | Expert Opinion. Telegram. 2.2 Is Lenovo IdeaPad l340 a gaming laptop… By. How many PC games will it run? Is it a good choice for a PC gamer? This one is not an exclusion - the Ideapad L340 Gaming (15") is very close to a unit we had for review some time ago - the Ideapad 330-15ICH. 2019 Lenovo Ideapad L340 Review. Lenovo IdeaPad L340 Gaming (Laptop): 5 out of 5 stars on Australia's largest opinion site The … Read the full GHI review. It took it, and it separated it into branches. 1 Mind-Blowing Features Of Lenovo Ideapad l340. If your camera suddenly goes on the blink or malfunctions, it can be a very irritating and discouraging experience, specifically … Facebook. – 2019 Lenovo IdeaPad L340 15.6″ FHD Gaming Laptop Computer, 9th Gen Intel Quad-Core i5-9300H up to 4.1GHz, 16GB DDR4 RAM, 5… As an Amazon Associate I earn from qualifying purchases. You get a 15.6 inch screen laptop, which for a gaming setup is midsize. Twitter. Contents. Lenovo recommends IdeaPad L340 as a gaming laptop with optimal performance. Camcorder Repair. Pinterest . Ideapad L340 (15″) is basically the successor to Ideapad 330 – a budget laptop that leaves some mixed impressions on whether it is worth it, or it is just the next cheapo.

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