Questionnaire: Could Your Child Get an ASBO? My ex and I recently split, she left claiming domestic violence. Alternatives to Education Maintenance Allowance (EMA), Regulations On The Home Schooling Of Your Child, Accessing Your Child's Medical Records: Your Rights, Dismissed from Work Due to Pregnancy: A Case Study, I Was Arrested Because of My Son: A Case Study, My Child Was Forced to Marry: A Case Study, We Won Our Surrogate Custody Battle: A Case Study, Older Children Renting a Property: A Parent's Guide, Protecting Your Children When They Leave Home, Re: Underage Sex: How to Protect Your Children, Re: The Laws on Dependency Leave for Parents, Re: Acceptable Behaviour Contracts (ABCs). He may be more willing to pick up his phone then. I have a feeling she is doing this to prevent any chance of me bringing my son home, I just want to see him or know how he is doing at least. Typically, minors aren’t granted the rights of adults until they reach the age of 18, although this varies from state to state (19 in Alabama and Nebraska, 21 in Mississippi). All overnight stays have been on my ex's terms, and when suits him (he works shifts/weekends). My ex is drug addict and have criminal records now he's just playing the dad role so they will pay them rent his apparently sorted him self "" ""police didn't gave address where my daughter is so I can't even see her .. This has caused me and my family great distress, especially as previous I had to contact CYPS about her lack of care towards our son. She has been advised by someone to not contact me until she has been given permanent residency by the council. Who Qualifies for Help With Childcare Costs? Any advice please.Thank you. I have created a happy environment and I don't want that turned upside down with this. He is saying he has the right to take the kids if he doesn’t like the new houses location!!! What are my legal rights to gain access to that information in the event of an emergency ? Can my ex partner dictate who my child sees during my time with my child? Is this true? Earlier this week she allowed my partner to pick our child up from nursery, and care for her on her own until I finished work, then 2 days later gave me nothing but grief because my new partner and child were invited to my sisters birthday meal. This has been ok up until he started to change the goal posts and refused to uphold his part of the deal. Yes, you do have a right to know the location of where your child will be and also what people he/she may come into contact with on a regular basis. Information that you consider to be “personal” to yourself, your home, and your lifestyle, which arguably does not relate to the child you have together. Social workers said I can't denied him his son. If I am genuinely late she wants to start a fight and stops access. We seperated when my son was 18 months old, he is now 4.5yrs old. She will not give me the address to the location where my kids are sleeping. We found out after the last visit that the girls, 4 and 6, had stayed at this new house. Information that pertains directly to the child and his or her best interests; and. I am hoping to get a council house soon (I have been told banded) but my ex is being very awkward about where the house is. I have children of my own and I do not want them to be a party to her behaviour.I do not want her to have my address, I own my home and have worked hard to pay for it by myself, worked full time and raised my children by myself. 1. Can we Legally Throw Out Our 16-Year-Old Son? The Family Law Act 1975 requires separating families who have a dispute about children to make a genuine effort to sort it out through family dispute resolution. Under the present situation ( covid19) they decided at lockdown that it would be sensible for the children to stay with her,however all of a sudden contact has been completely stopped,( she is saying the children dont want to speak to him now) and the older child whose 11yrs has blocked him, he has no way of now contacting them, bear in mind these children were very close to their Dad and hes at a complete loss as to whats going on, is this legal to keep their whereabouts secret! There was a MARAC in place for me. What is a Parental Responsibility Agreement? It must be hard not knowing where your children are. I broke up from my abuse, narcissistic ex over a year ago. The court order states i shall have access to visit the child and or collect her to stay with me. Firstly, I am a survivor of domestic abuse/violence so mediation isn't a possibility. I’ve no intentions of turning up or causing issues which I have told his dad. There has been frequent contact between them since, with encouragement and practical help from me (buying him a bed, stair gate, advice) he has been staying overnight 1/2 nights per week. My dad txt her and she said she would not allow it because she claims I am aggressive. I love my partner dearly, and he has beautiful children who I always treat as my family when they visit, but his relationship with his ex and their parenting roles are theirs, if there was shared care I.e. He has a history of threatening to not turn up, thus affecting my work. What are my right as a parent? • My ex-partner frequently turns his mobile phone off or has it on silent, so if there was an emergency I have no way of contacting him and getting a response. Thanks. She needsa to be in control of everything. These are covered separately. Talk to your ex-partner about this issue, and try to work out a compromise. My ex wife pack up and left the house with my two young kids, I have had very limited contact with them since this happened as she is making it very hard to do such a thing, she has moved into a friends house with the kids I have asked for a address to know the location where my kids are staying in the case of an emergency, I have informed her that I will never show up at the house unless invited my her, I have told her that not knowing where my kids are staying is very uncomfortable for me and that this is also effecting my sleep. A mobile phone is not suitable contact as he can switch it off or there can be no signal. Can they actually do this? I would not send your child with Father until you know his address. Her new fiance is fine (in her eyes) to be around our little girl, and I have no issue with it, but the second my partner is around our little girl, my ex kicks up a fuss and tries her hardest to threaten me and control me still. If you are on a personal connection, like at home, you can run an anti-virus scan on your device to make sure it is not infected with malware. I usually collect them from his house , but he changes that arrangement when they are staying at her address ,presumably to avoid me knowing where she lives. I am considering re-opening the CYPS case as my son is being given into my care in dirty clothing, sore genitals, bruises, sun burned and so on. You are trying to ensure your children continue to spend time with your ex-partner, and he – for whatever reason – won’t give you the address of his new partner. He only sees them once fortnightly for a day (about 6 - 7 hours) he would bring them to my house where they have an awesome time, and would always eagerly ask if they were coming to my house (I think that this is the crux of the issue). Cloudflare Ray ID: 5f8f550348f7fd11 My ex and our 3 year old daughter have just moved from her parents to her new boyfriends house.She had previously agreed to discuss this with me before doing so.However, she has just gone ahead and moved - at the same time saying she wants to be 'amicable'.Am I right in saying that I am not entitled to know where my daughter is now living?Also, there are no residency/contact/child arrangment orders in place.I am considering going for 50/50 shared care as I work from home.What are my chances of getting this?I already have my daughter for over night stays and daycare 2 days a week.Any advice appreciated!Thank you. So in sum, there are no over night stays, she doesn't drop them off or pick them up, he drives an hour to collect them, an hour to return them and the same in the evening. I’ve been pushing for my sons father to have more contact with him for years with no interest, now he’s asking for more which is great but I’ve asked for his address just so I know for peace of mind where my child is and also for emergencies. Also, because a guardianship of minor children creates a legal right, you will have some say in the child's future as a … Routine and adequate information sharing are essential, especially since he's non verbal. Can we Stop Our Father's Visitation Rights to See Us? I mine been to overprotective or what? However, if you suffer an emergency, you need to be able to contact him, too. The police officer then told me that I shouldn't go with him in case they won't open. He has moved from where we both lived and moved to another apartment.Now he want to pick my son for few days and I asked for his address, he refused to give me his address.

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