An interesting point is that this species is normally anadromous meaning it that it spawns in freshwater and migrates to the saltwater ocean to mature. There was an error submitting your subscription. The average size of this species in Lake Ontario is around 15 to 25 lbs. Lake trout can be described as a predominantly greyish green with white blotches throughout its body and fins. The sides have some black spotting on the upper portion and the tail is silver and edged with black. Atlantic salmon are able to live landlocked in entirely freshwater environments. It provides a lot of information that used to be hard to find. Lake Ontario fish species that we target include king and coho salmon, brown and lake trout, steelhead, rainbow trout, and occasional Atlantic salmon. LOCATION: SHUMWAY MARINE, ROCHESTER. Why a houseboat vacation in Ontario should be your next trip. How to find antlers this spring in Sunset Country, Sign up now to get stories, news, and travel tips. I did a quick test of the search by species. Although not a native species locally, the king salmon was introduced to the Great Lakes where they flourished. Although lake trout are sometimes catchable in the colder water seasons, their natural instinct to go to the deepest part of the lake during the summer months make them less of a target for Oswego charter boats than other species. New York is considered to be one of the more successful programs in this establishment. The NY state record catch being 24 lbs. Free fishing maps for lakes, rivers and ocean. Although our trips usually are for larger fish like king or coho there is still the possibility of hitting another popular species while fishing for something entirely different. They also have black blotchy spots on the top half. Sauger L: 25 - 41 cm (10 - 16 in.). The lake's main fish species include chinook salmon, coho salmon, rainbow trout, brown trout, lake trout, northern pike, smallmouth bass, largemouth bass, walleye and carp. If you are looking for a fishing resort or lodge to stay at in Sunset Country visit these tourist outfitters in Northwest Ontario or visit this Northern Ontario list of lakes to find out which lodge is on the lake you want to fish. What's the first thing you'll do when you return? Coho Salmon: Also referred to as silver salmon or silvers, the coho salmon is another anadromous species that was introduced to Lake Ontario from various US and Canadian fish management sources. Ace Charters » Lake Ontario » Lake Ontario Fish Species. The current NY record was caught near Oswego at 33 lbs. It's worth forgoing convenience for the trip of a lifetime. Although brown trout compete with other larger Lake Ontario fish species, their continuing increase in size is encouraging for future angling possibilities. Join today and download fishing maps now! 3 oz. The average size adult Lake Ontario caught Atlantic salmon is anywhere from 8 to 14 lbs. Coho have a  color pattern of dark bluish grey on the upper back with a mostly silver side fading to a white belly. More often associated with the Atlantic Ocean and its immediate tributaries, Atlantic salmon occasionally occur in Lake Ontario catches. I choose Brook trout and set the parameters to 300 kms around Ignace, Ontario. SPECIES: CHINOOK SALMON. caught as recently as 2004. From log cabins to Queen Anne Revival to mid-century modern, "There's No Place Like Home.". Trout. caught in 1991. with the NY state record being 31 lbs. You can quickly link to a popular waterway or search by lake, fish species, stocked water body, and GPS Coordinates. Brown trout are anadromous naturally but have adapted well to their NY placement. Lake Ontario also has fantastic populations of big walleye and smallmouth bass ,too!. The steelhead is a sea run trout that has returned to freshwater after 2 to 3 years at sea. Under the Fish tab you'll see that Red Lake has Walleye, Lake Trout, Northern Pike, Muskie, Smallmouth Bass, Yellow Perch, Whitefish, Sauger, Rock Bass, Rainbow Smelt, White Sucker and Burbot. Steelhead tend to be a copperish green throughout with an iridescent scarlet coloration through its mid-body. D: large, shallow, turbid waters throughout Ontario. Walleye. caught in Lake Erie in 2003. See fish species, hotspots, boat launches and more. 15 oz. If you click on the Lake Depth Contours in the left hand column, you can see the contours of Red Lake. 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