The good news is that kombucha is fairly hardy as long as you know what to look out for and can accommodate to “overcompensate” for potential areas of weakness. a simple tool that helps you brew a perfect kombucha by maintaining the right temperature on a continuous basis In fact, depending on the time of year and where you live, staying in the ideal range can become expensive. But warmer temperatures come with risks too. Temperature plays a really big role in your fermentation . I like to use low-cost temperature strips to keep an eye on the temperature of my kombucha brews. The adhesive is strong but the strip can be removed from a vessel, but will not be able to be reapplied to another. What’s the Best Equipment for Brewing Kombucha? $1.99. I personally like a temperature strip with a wider range, especially temps over 82 degrees F, so you can see how high your kombucha has gotten over that. Use this adhesive thermometer to check the temperature of your brew without disturbing the SCOBY or exposing the brew to any metal. You don’t have to throw it out. As long as you maintain a temperature somewhere between 68°F and 80°F, you’ll be able to produce a decent batch of kombucha. Highly acidic kombucha can make for great starter tea for your next batch! When it comes to brewing kombucha, I’ve found that cooler climates are MUCH easier to deal with than heat. Temperature Range 18 - 34 ℃. the cooler it is, the longer it’ll take to get more acidic. Measures Accurate Temperature: This temperature strip easily adheres to the side of your Kombucha vessel to give an accurate temperature reading within 2 degrees F. Easy to install: Just peel off the back of the sticker and the transparent protective film on the front and stick it … The perfect kombucha kit has a built-in temperature control system that allows you to … This could lead to an over-abundance of yeast. In winter months, your brew may take longer to ferment since lower temperatures typically result in less active yeasts and bacteria. Just remember, if you’re using these methods to alter the temperature, don’t forget to keep an eye on your brew vessel to make sure you don’t overcompensate! Here are some tips and tricks you can use to keep your brew from going south when the temperature is on the rise (80+°F): Unfortunately, there’s only so much you can do to compensate for extremely hot temperatures. Sure, nothing beats a fizzy, refreshing bottle of kombucha when it’s hot out. By doubling the amount you usually use, you’ll increase the acidity of your brew which can help decrease the length of your fermentation cycle while making your brew less susceptible to mold. Of course, keeping your vessel at the ideal temperature is often easier said than done. The key is knowing what to watch out for and understanding how and when to compensate for those conditions. Kombucha heating strip by Kombucha Kamp – These were made specifically for brewing kombucha in cold weather and worth the investment. They work sort of like a mood ring or glow-in-the-dark sticker so they don’t require batteries/electricity and don’t take up any space at all. Alternatively, you could add some sweet tea or fruit flavorings to it to help balance out the acidity and drink it/bottle it up. Your brew temperature will have a direct effect on: By maximizing the time that your brew is in the temperature sweet spot, the quality of your kombucha will improve exponentially. In the summer months, your brew may ferment faster because of the high temperatures. Too much yeast isn’t the end of the world, but your brew will not taste right and you’d have to do a lot of back-pedaling to get your brew back into a healthy balance. If you find that two are lighting up right next to each other, that means the temperature is right between the two. If you take a sip and discover that your brew is too acidic — don’t worry and don’t throw it out! Brewing your own kombucha is surprisingly simple! There’s less you can do to accommodate for extremely hot temperatures, so in this case, you may just have to adjust your fermentation time and bottle it sooner before it gets too acidic. the mid- to high-70s Fahrenheit. You don’t have to be enduring an Arizona summer to encounter challenges caused by higher temperatures.

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