It is a common homebrewers refrain: How can I keep my Kombucha brew warm, especially in Spring, Fall and Winter? The dimmer has a big change for a small move of the dial. This time I'm using it and 2 days later I can see a difference. Actually it works too great if you're not careful which I learned the first day. We keep our home a little too cool for kombucha to brew properly in the winter. Kombucha Kamp does sell a little heating pad especially for the CB systems. It would be difficult for me to keep my brew at a consistant temperature without this thermostat. It makes it so much easier to regulate the heat. summer no problem; but winter in the midwest that brewer needs a heat tape and this is the way to go! I could not get consistent brews with the weather turning colder. Compared to the seedling mats, etc, this is a much nicer set-up. I didn’t realize that one would be shipped with the heater. Thanks Hannah! I’ve been completely satisfied in all 3 Year Round Heating Systems I purchased from your company. I have been enjoying it almost every day, and it is helping to wean me off of coffee. So easy to adjust my kombuchas temperature, so it stays in it perfect fermentation zone. This item works great to keep my KT between 75 and 85 degrees. As a new brewer I don't think we would have been as successful as we have been in our batches without this dimmer heating system. The Kombucha Mamma Heating Systems are designed by Kombucha Kamp with the help of a thermodynamics engineer. Just started using it and it already has my Kombucha at the exact temp I need it at! Call me to place your order!! Amanda Merz— Medford, OR. Why you ought to consider not when … My KT now is consistently great from batch-to-batch! The soda was such a delicious and nutritious alternative to Busch Lite! Its very helpful! All of the products are living up to their hiking, and then some. I keep it loosely placed around the jar at an even 80 degrees according to the thermometer gauge. KombuchaKamp! It's been very easy to make slight adjustments to the dimmer to keep the brew cozy and in the upper-70s even thought the room is probably 65 degrees (or less) in the mornings. I had a hard time getting a consistent temperature with three different size jars but for two large jars it is perfect. I haven't had to check my heat tape once. Seedling mats offer very little power and are run through with wires. Love the heater strip. the only problem is that you don't know the temperature of the kombucha. There's no doubt that I will be a repeat customer! I am so please with it! The recommended temperature for Kombucha is 75 - 85 degrees, with the ideal temp being 78. Eventually my son needed his vest back so we decided to invest in the heater :) It's a definite must have for brewing if you have cold winters. I received the heating system as part of the No Frills Continuous Brew system. Thank you so much for a quality product. It has made keeping my booch at a consistent temp easy! Using it on my 2.5 gallon jars, the tea is ready in about 1 to 2 days during cold season. Absolutely a MUST HAVE item for the successful brewer. The year round heater is an outstanding,essential product for cold Montana winters. . This makes everything so completely painless. I tried a batch without the heating strip and it was slow and didn't work well. It speeds up the brewing for sure! It wasn't the price of commercial KT that moved me, it was the romance of participating in an age-old multicultural tradition that I fell in love with! I just started brewing Kombucha and knew immediately that I’d need a heat source to make it work in Canadian winters. If it brews at lower temperatures, one may experience a flatter, more "dirty" tasting Kombucha that lacks the apple-y sour bite of a delicious, properly brewed Kombucha. THANKS!!! Thank you for your absolutely awesome customer service!!! I am so glad I found Kombucha Kamp. I bought the year round heater for my kombucha. Reviewed by Linda Howell (Somerville Tn). I brewed my first batch of Kombucha in December in just ten days. Reviewed by Lois Yeager (North Huntingdon, PA). I highly recommend it and it is worth every penny I paid for it! Great tool for a perfect brew! It's a KEEPER for sure. Came back two hours later and WOAH...the temp was 90F! If a person is enthusiastic enough about Kombucha to be considering a heating system, this is a must have! I used to use a flannel covered heating pad to keep my kombucha warm in winter, and then I discovered KKamp's fabulous Year Round Heating System with thermometer! The Kombucha Mamma Essential Heating Strip, For the easiest set it and forget it solution available, check out In the Pacific Northwest we don't get extreme temperatures but no way do I have the ability otherwise to keep my brew container around 80 degrees. The newsletters and emails, as well as the information from your web page have been invaluable. I would recommend this highly! I couldn't be happier! (I don’t mind having the ceramic brewer sitting out on the counter, but the heater with the cord isn’t very pretty.) Living in Michigan I really needed some help to keep my kombucha brew warm and happy. Thanks Kombucha Mamma for all you do to help us out and for designing this great product! This product has made the difference in home brew or paying $5 a bottle. Bought mine several years ago and now I am finally reviewing. I can mark it myself, but for a beginner, you have to experiment with it for hours to figure out a good setting for your KT. Thank you Hannah at KombuchaKamp!! I especially love the batches brewed with Hannah's special blend of teas! Thanks. I'll admit it's a bit pricey .... but it works great. If you’re seeking for a great deal on the The Kombucha Mamma Year Round HEATING SYSTEM with DIMMER, we can help.We have already searched across several online merchants to find low cost prices for the The Kombucha Mamma Year Round HEATING SYSTEM with DIMMER. Once I got it set up and at the temperature I wanted, it has stayed there. My brew stays at the right temperature, with very little adjusting by me. I purchased the year round heating system with dimmer and it is so easy to use, I barely have it turned on and it keeps my kombucha nice and warm. Something I just could not do with my regular heating pad. If I were doing it again, I would order two of the large styles, mainly because of the volume control. Our kombucha is always at the right temp now, it's turning over faster and we think it makes it taste better too. It holds the temp! My kombucha has never been fizzy. It is a must if you want to get the most out of your Kombucha & maximize the brewing process. This works like a dream. I received the goods on time and am loving the product. The process worked but since I was completely uneducated about brewing, I found my "tea" so gross looking that I didn't even taste it. since the cold weather set in. . This heater is perfect. Just had to have another one for more CB gallons. Choose the Heating System you prefer to keep your Kombucha warm all year! You will not regret this purchase. I figured if I need a comforter to stay warm, my Scobys would as well. Our house is around 58 degrees until my husband or I get home but it takes only 5-6 days to brew. I'm happily making and drinking my own kombucha while saving lots of money. When I was ready to try again, I bought the year-round heater, a new SCOBY, and the Big Book of Kombucha. I have been very pleased with the blanket for my crock. It wraps around with a velcro strap, and the dimmer makes it easy to adjust the heat, as temperatures change alot in Iowa! Really love this heater with dimmer. This short article is about the influence of a central heating ability flush on your heating system. Not good! :). My brew times are shorter and more predictable. (I did have to purchase more thermometer strips for switching up jars.) I ordered the heating system as I was finding the brewing times too long as the normal temperature for the brew was too low. I do have trouble getting the temperature to stabilize sometimes, the dial on the heater seems to have a lot of play in it so I am never sure about my adjustment of the heat and check it several times a day. A must have to get the proper carbonation. I'm very satisfied with the year-round heating mat with dimmer control. After buying this heater I had the best tasting kombucha ever. Thanks for a great product! Reviewed by Étienne Paré (Arlington, VA). Everyone in my household drinks Kombucha, so this has made the process so much easier for me to manage it. The crock brews delicious tea in 2-3 days, with the heating strip. I also love all the Information you are so kind as to share with us!!!!!!! Well worth the expense. So I went out and found it! I love this product. We had a couple really cold days where I needed to turn the heater up a bit. I love the heating strip, very useful, and I would definitely recommend it!! I’m like a new mama watching over our new Kombucha setup. I don't think I would of got my tea to ferment if it wasn't for this heating strip! This system easily wraps around two large 1 gallon ferment jars securely. I had it good to go in 10 days. Love the kombucha heater.

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