He allowed sub-kings … Activate your account. It is very probable that he used this time to reorganize his army and his administration. The chart shows their (claimed) descent from the traditional first king of Wessex, Cerdic, down to the children of Alfred the Great.A continuation of the tree into the 10th and 11th centuries can be found at English monarchs family tree.. Aethelred I – 865 – 871. Æthelred's grandfather, Ecgberht, became king of Wessex in 802, and in the view of the historian Richard Abels it must have seemed very unlikely to contemporaries that he would establish a lasting dynasty.For two hundred years, three families had fought for the West Saxon throne, and no son had followed his father as king. Alfred, king of Wessex (871–899), a Saxon kingdom in southwestern England. His first few years as king are not well recorded. King of Wessex Edit. Genealogy. At the time of our 2015 inspections we were judged ‘good with an outstanding sixth form’ by Ofsted and ‘outstanding’ in our Church of England Inspection. The Kings of Wessex Academy is one of the top-performing schools in the South West. Log in Forgotten your password? His reign saw repeated Viking invasions and he died from injuries sustained in the Battle of Meretum. He prevented England from falling to the Danes and promoted learning and literacy. Password: Show password. The Kings of Wessex. Logging in for the first time? Son of King Aethelwulf and Osburgh Married to Wulfthryth Became King after the death of his brother, Aethelberht. Became King of Wessex after the death of his brother, Aethelbald. Email address or username. We are a 13-18 Church of England academy serving the communities of the Cheddar Valley and beyond. Log in using your email address or username. Learn more about Alfred’s life and rule. Compilation of the Anglo-Saxon Chronicle began during his reign. Egbert formed an alliance with Wulfred, Archbishop of Canterbury.In 815 Egbert invaded Cornwall and brought it under his rule. King Egbert of Wessex Conquers all to Become Bretwalda, the First King of a United England King Offa of Mercia: A Ruthless Anglo-Saxon Hellbent on Power and Prestige Depiction of Ecgberht from the ‘Genealogical Chronicle of the English Kings’, a late 13th-century manuscript in the British Library. Login for STUDENTS, PARENTS and STAFF. Or log in with. Pupils from Kings of Wessex Academy celebrated their achievements as they picked up their GCSE results yesterday (THursday).

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