He sided with the Protestant Parliament against the Roman Catholic King James II in the Glorious Revolution of 1688–89.This event reduced the power of the king and made Parliament the major authority in English government. He also impacted contemporary and modern scientific thought. The influence from John Locke's political philosophy can be seen in the events that led up to the revolution. 1 decade ago. Although Locke spoke out for freedom of thought, speech, and religion, he believed property to be the most important natural right. John Locke's theories had a profound impact on the French Revolution. If so what were they? John Locke (1632–1704) was an English philosopher and physician regarded as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers. John Locke (1632–1704) was an English philosopher and physician regarded as one of the most influential of Enlightenment thinkers. John Locke's influence on French Revolution? His contributions to classical republicanism and liberal theory are reflected in the United States Declaration of Independence. In this view, government derives its “just powers from the consent of the governed”. He declared that owners may do whatever they want with their property as long as they do not invade the rights of others. 2008-12-17 01:37:00 2008-12-17 01:37:00. Locke’s writings influenced Voltaire and Rousseau and many others. Answer. Essay Concerning Human Understanding - Research Papers on Essay Concerning Human Understanding by John Locke examines primary and secondary qualities. Locke’s concept of limited sovereignty is fundamental to a democratic society, it is the basis of majority rule in which the majority of citizens elects the leaders of the sovereign nation. greatly influenced the French revolution, which was the turning point in French history. No difference really. Below are some facts about Locke's ideas on government and revolution. Colonists considered their liberty and their natural rights to be violated by the British government as they passed their acts to raise revenue after the Seven Years' War. Locke believed that a government’s primary goals should be to foster, Protect individuals within that government, Civil society is an artificial condition that is enforced by the laws of man, Locke believed that government should be selected by and follow the will of the majority, which was a fundamental assertion of the Revolution. The government thus acts as an impartial, objective agent of that self-defense, rather than each man acting as his own judge, jury, and executioner—the condition in the state of nature. Indeed, one of the most important and influential philosophers ever named John Locke (1632-1704) had a profound impact on French thinkers and the revolution. In addition to influencing a British revolution, Locke’s empirical thought influenced the French Enlightenment and the French Revolution. The English Revolution was a revolt of Puritans against an English government that didn't allow them to control the Church. Locke's real influence was on the American Revolution. Top Answer. John Locke’s theories had a profound impact on French thinkers and the revolution. Answer Save. This means that the individuals in a society may appoint new leaders if they are unhappy with their government’s actions, as in the case of the French population in 1789. Locke argued that government’s legitimacy comes from the citizens’ delegation to the government of their right of self-defense . But he wanted representatives to be only men of property and business. Locke believed that a government's primary goals should be to foster moral responsibility and protect individuals within that government and viewed civil society as an artificial condition that enforced the laws of man. Custom Research Paper Services - Learn about all of Paper Masters' custom research paper and writing services. Use our sample or order a custom written research paper from Paper Masters. Political Philosophy - Research papers on political philosophy discuss the blending of political science and philosophy, illuminating various theoretical topics such as liberty, law, rights, authority and the legitimacy of government. American and French Revolutions - American and French Revolutions research papers that examine how revolutionary were the American Revolution and the French Revolution. Contrary to the practice of a monarchy, Locke asserted that the majority of the people are responsible for the nomination and appointment of that government, rather than a divine succession based on bloodlines. He was born shortly before the English Civil War. Jean-Jacques Rousseau And John Locke And The French Revolution. He was born shortly before the English Civil War. Relevance. Causes of the French Revolution - Causes of the French Revolution research papers examine the reasons behind the class uprising in France in which Voltaire had great influence. Learn about the French Revolution in a history or philosophy paper that ties Locke into this … Locke's views were aimed toward modern democracies and were meant to clarify the relationship between … In 1690, Locke published his Two Treatises of Government. 61 62 63. John Locke’s theories had a profound impact on French thinkers and the revolution. Locke's Theory of Knowledge - Locke’s theory of knowledge research papers detail his Essay on Human Understanding and depends heavily on the ideas that are formed in the mind. Role of John Locke in French Revolution. End your research paper worries in less than 5 Minutes! French philosophers of the Enlightenment took Locke as a model. Consequently, only adult male property owners should have the right to vote. Locke was reluctant to allow the property-less masses of people to participate in government because he believed that they were unfit. John Locke mainly believed that people could learn from past experiences and then, be able to improve themselves based upon them. The Influence of John Locke’s Works. Locke favored a representative government such as the English Parliament, which had a hereditary House of Lords and an elected House of Commons. John Locke and the French Revolution research papers consider the famous French Philosopher's influence on the French Revolution. British View the French Revolution - British Reaction to the French Revolution research paper overviews how the English felt about about the French political upheaval. He science and medicine at Oxford University and became a professor there. Wiki User Answered . 2 Answers. The king did not hold absolute power, but acted only to enforce and protect the natural rights of the people.If a sovereign violated these rights, the social contract was broken, and the people had the right to revolt and establish a new government. What were the views of John Locke in French Revolution 2 See answers ... Locke’s writings influenced Voltaire and Rousseau and many others. Was there any difference between Locke's influences on the French Revolution and the American Revolution?

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