Value of Tea Cups Made in Occupied Japan. Tea cups can and are sometimes the center point of the tea presentation. (A Small History) A tea cup is just a tea cup. A chawan is simply a teacup without a handle primarily used in the Japanese Tea Ceremony for preparing and drinking Matcha (powdered green tea), but is also used for other types of tea … By: Christy P Updated April 12, 2017. The history of Zi Sha Hu has started at Yi Xing during 正徳 (1506-1521) to 嘉靖 (1522-1566) in Ming dynasty. Originally known as "tea soup". The set is of 41 pieces incl: 12 cups, saucers & plates, 2 serving plates, 1 bowl, covered sugar bowl, creamer and a Teapot. The term can refer to any teacups made in Japan until about 1952, although anything made after 1910 would be more correctly termed vintage. By: Christy P Updated April 12, 2017. cup with saucer image by Sergo from Post . Mark from a Japanese egg shell type porcelain tea set that was sent from Shanghai in 1931 according to family tradition. Like other East Asian tea ceremonies, Japanese tea ceremony is a special culture developed mainly for tea tasting, but the content and form are different form the other country. Email . Showa Tea Set. History A chawan with an oil ... Blue and white cups are not used by those who give tea-tasting parties. By the end of the Kamakura period (1185–1333), as the custom of tea drinking spread throughout Japan and the Tenmoku chawan became desired by all ranks of society, the Japanese began to make their own copies in Seto (in present-day Aichi Prefecture). Clearly, Japanese tea cups is a kind of important tea sets. Japanese tea ceremony is a kind of ritual service for guests in Japan. But, a few words about history of the tea cup. Japanese tea and sake cup terminology . Share It. History of Japanese Teapot - It was developped from a kettle. 1930. Not to some. Share . Tentative date ca. When people first see Sencha making, they are always astonished at the small size of the tea cup and few tea in it. The tea pot was needed since the tea culture was changing to the modern style at that time. In Japan, people tend to relate to Japanese tea cups when talking about Japanese tea sets. And depending what culture you are from dictates your like or dislike of a particular cup. It appears the first tea cups made their way to England from imports from China. Tweet . Learn More → From the end of World War II, the allied forces occupied Japan for seven years. Antique Japanese teacups are beautiful examples of Asian craftsmanship. It was more than 500 years after陸羽・LuYu(733~804)introduced 茶経. Print . Introduction of Japanese Tea Ceremony. The Japanese Tea Ceremony is called chanoyu, meaning 'hot water for tea', or chado or sado, meaning 'way of the tea'. Related. The Value of Royal Doulton Plates. Trying to navigate the complex naming of the Japanese ceramic tea wares is a challenge but I will add a few terms here to help identify some of the pieces below.

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