God wants us to be a "long distance" Christians. LESSONS. There was power in the services—power that grew out of prayer meetings and the teaching of the Word. It has its function in the vast cosmic machinery that is working out the final purposes of God. “We have this treasure in jars of clay, to show that the surpassing power belongs to God and not to us. Whenever you come into the church, you should be required to put on a crash helmet. Systems of philosophy have done so. Then there arises out of the endurance of temptation a sense of God's acceptance. Those taught in the Word spoke to their neighbours, to their colleagues, to their family and friends, and each week we witnessed the salvation of souls won through the witness of the people of the congregation. 3. It is a thing as yet not given, but only promised, so long as the believer is here below. His glorious reward. 1. but he must strive first, and he must strive lawfully. There are two conflicting theories always prevalent regarding the origin and development of temptation. You gentlemen who believe in evolution, as I do not, tell us what a man will come to when God has sanctified him fully by His grace, and He has passed through ages of blessedness. Does it not mean, however, as well a living crown? Nevertheless, despite all evidence to the contrary, our contemporaries appear to believe that they are guaranteed life, liberty and happiness. The Pastor, seeing her tears, asked the Music Minister to continue the invitation while he sat by the young woman to ask the reason for her tears. What is … That is to say, the man who bears up under it, survives it, is not led. But take heart; I have overcome the world” [John 16:33]. The sacred writers very rarely deal in such abstract psychological analysis as we have in this passage. 1. The “tested genuineness of your faith” is “more precious than gold.”  God permits His children to be tested in order to reveal the perfection of His work in their lives. This comfortable word reminds us of the Beatitudes. We have no biblical obligation to let our family be injured or to suffer personal injury simply because we are Christians. No. Similar is it with the soul. Blessing Now — “Blessed is the man who remains steadfast under trial, for when he has stood the test he will receive the crown of life.”  James has been writing to Christians who paid an awful price to follow Yeshua Ha’Mashiach. Because it has not yet been put in the fire to have its beauty made permanent. Therefore, to protect themselves from assault simply because they existed, they must be prepared to defend themselves. Sermon from James 3:1-12 PRACTICAL CHRISTIAN LIVING #6 - Controlling the Tongue James 3:1 Not many should become teachers, my brothers, knowing that we will receive a stricter judgment, 2 for we all stumble in many ways. Some of you are wondering if a new congregation is where you should be. Besides, another feeling comes over him — that of deep humility. We ought not to feel secure. The one way to the kingdom is the way of persevering endurance. You can return to the staid, dull, drab life you first knew as a Christian, but you will not be able to speak of that type of existence as “the crown of life.”  It grieves me to witness youth dismissing the Christian Faith as boring. IV. As result standing firm in the face of tribulation, the persecuted child of God is promised “the crown of life.”  “Life” in this phrase, is what linguists recognise as the genitive of apposition; that is, life is the crown that is promised. And remember the gift is certain. A GREAT AND GLORIOUS REWARD is promised to the man who is faithful to his trial. how sad is it that a man cometh to suffer, and he hath nothing to bear him out but an empty form. You remember Bunyan's description of the feelings of Christian when he had passed through the Valley of the Shadow of Death, and was able to look back by the intoning light. These are the blessed ones. The greater the intensity of life, the deeper the love. This is not so much a reward deferred until some unseen future date; but it is rather a reward that is promised for all who reveal the effective work of the Spirit of God through standing firm in the tests of life. Love is the substance of the Christian character, and love "endureth all things." No; the crown is the fruit of the Cross; not any cross borne by us, but that which was endured by the Lord Jesus. 5. It is in vain for him to blame his Maker. The promise is that of "eternal life" 2. Tit 1:2 3. With such a base nature as mine, how have I been kept from destruction? 18,713 views. - C.J. As you spoke just now, I thought, ‘If these people knew who I am and know what I have done, they would not let me come here.’  Pastor, I have made a mistake. When a believer goes through personal trials, they discover the kind of faith they really possess. (Ver. He alone is worthy; and it is as united to Him by faith that His people are in any sense entitled to the eternal recompense. I wear a ring on my finger, telling the world that I am married; but, I am not married. We make poor guess-work of it. I. There is no doubt that they were discouraged, traumatised and that they lived in fear. Notice here: 1. The power and opportunity — the danger of proving unfaithful, and of incurring the final displeasure of our Maker and Judge. The promise is given to those who "demonstrate" (prove) their love for God by their endurance of the temptations [And so, to Christians facing temptations, first we have an ENCOURAGING word. III. Whatever we may hope, there is no situation in this world which places us beyond danger. However is it that I have escaped such peril? God is revealing the perfection of His work in the life of the one experiencing trials. The biggest problem we have is how to deal with temptation when it comes. We shall find it difficult to endure. You must be aware that there is much among professing multitudes in our day that is spurious. It helps to make a man blessed when his mind is filled with holy gratitude to God who has preserved him. The Crown of Life — “He will receive the crown of life, which God has promised to those who love him.”  There is a future component in the promise of the Master. I. Moreover, love for God leads the child of God to stand firm in trials. However, disciples are not obligated to suffer simply because some cretin or troglodyte has decided that it would be fun to injure the Christian. They teach themselves to handle the pain, the distance, the pace, the length of time, the overcoming of the need to... 3. However, the youth are not sophisticated enough to act as though such hypocrisy were normal, so they are bored. One of the best tests of Christian growth and maturity is trouble. HOW SIN DEVELOPS... 1. Not only so, he is favoured with present pledges and earnests of the future glory. This comfortable word reminds us of the Beatitudes. 2. What must that be! The character of the believer is such, that it is impossible he should be free from temptation. Others trace their sins to their circumstances, blaming God's providence for surrounding them with evil influences, which, they submit, lay them under an inevitable necessity of sinning. You are standing the test. You saw things as you have never seen them before. This is, in fact, but another expression describing the same characters. God takes note of our testing, and He is pledged to use the adverse winds of trial for our good and for His glory. He may be crowned in some attainments with honours, literary honours, and the like, but to have a crown of life is to have a life that is supernatural, the life of God in the soul — life that cannot live on earth without visiting heaven every day — a life that shall last for ever — a life that lives upon spiritual and eternal realities — a life of a dignified description. Some think Him "a God all mercy" — too kind to punish a single sin. 5. There are temptations of sickness. Only one Man has ever lived within whose soul there was no hook or bait of corrupt desire on which any evil suggestion could fasten; and no one but he could say, "The prince of the world cometh, and he hath nothing in me. Here is his warrant, his guarantee, "which the Lord hath promised to them that love Him." It is the accompaniment and expression of royal dignity and authority.

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